The Evolution of faster communication channels in the current business market globally has made the communication to flow in no time from one source to the other. Channels like Skype which provide video calls, chat and conferencing facilities to its users have made business communication faster and more cost-efficient on the Internet. A number of companies and organizations are now introducing the latest marketing methods which include social networks, search engines, automated ads, and various other online marketing campaigns. These channels are helping the organizations to promote and market their products and services to a larger global audience base.

Still, the same channels can prove injurious to your Company’s overall reputation health sometimes when more and more customers would start registering their dissatisfaction and grievances online on these social media channels. With almost over a billions social media active social media accounts currently, anyone on the internet can use and share all the bad words about your business online. That’s where you must hire a Reputed ORM company to manage your Online Reputation and also take down the following precautions to monitor your brand reputation:

Google Alerts

Google alerts are absolutely free and allow you to set up alerts for any search terms you want in its search results. While it helps in tracking and monitoring the information being posted about your brand and company, it specifically tracks your set keywords’ online activity. These keywords can include any words from your company name to your products and executives.

To get started with the same you just need to sign in to your Google account and visit the Google Alerts page. Secondly you just enter the word or text you just want the alert for in the search box on top of the page. The information could be regarding you business name, website, email address, own name, and other things related to your business.

Google Hotsuite

Almost every organization and company in the current times is investing in social media’s marketing purposes. Since channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have become the widely used marketing tools and can be quoted as key players in maintaining the brand reputation of the business concern. Hootsuite manages all these social networks under the umbrella of one single dashboard saving a lot of time in the process.


This works well for twitter posts. You just need to go to TweetDeck’s homepage and sign in with your Twitter account. You then need to enter the keyword you want to search for. for example if you are from the Garment selling industry you can use certain keywords like the name of your brand, city or quality of cloth you are using


Google Alerts, Hootsuite, and TweetDeck are some of the many web services that can help you to maintain and monitor your brand reputation through these channels and allowing you to focus on you core business routines. The Online Reputation of your brand or business plays a key role in maintaining the name and growth of your business over a long period of time so it should be properly preserved and safeguarded to ensure an overall boost to your business.

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