In the many of the Egyptian paintings we get to see a conical shaped object depicted to be sacred or as something that belongs to the gods. This very object is called the white powder gold or Ormus gold in modern times. The science that studies this kinds of chemical objected is called Alchemy and has been in practice since ancient times. The intention and birth of alchemy can be debated but in general one can say that this science is the birth place for all kinds supernatural studies, magic and investigation of mysterious forces and elements.

Ormus gold has been known to mankind through the ages and we find large number of references and names being mentioned for this particular element in different civilizations. Food of gods, Manna, tear of god, elixir of life, philosopher’s stone and so many other names have been given to this particular white power which is derived from pure gold. Sumerians mention of a bread of life called Shem-an-na which used to radiate and the high priest used to give it to people to consume. This glowing bread was somehow given to them by god and thus believed to have great powers. Similarly in the Jewish scripts Moses burns the huge golden calf that people has asked to make. He puts it in fire and when it is burnt, he grinds it into power, sprinkles over water and makes a concoction. He makes all the Israel people to drink it. This exact powder is believed to the while powder gold or the monoatomic gold.

Moses knew the power of this element and so he made all the people to consume it to give them strength.
The Chinese have a legend of their own telling about a solution or elixir which contained magical powers. They say that those consumed this syrup would not age, would not lose energy and those who are ill will regain complete health in a very short period of time. Now that sounds very much like properties of monoatomic gold. The mysteriousness of this element which subjected to scientific examination makes it very difficult to pin point at any specific properties or prove or deny any of the claims made by the supports. But there are some facts that have been derived and proven by studies.

Monatomic gold’s molecules are isolated and thus it has single atoms. The molecules are at a high spin state or what is called the M-state. This spinning is rapid and continuous and thus the element starts absorbing energy and radiating energy. Ormus gold is a superconductor meaning it will attract and allow great amount of energy to flow through it. When this element enters a living organism, it acts as a super relaxing agent. It not only works on the nervous system but relaxes even the cells and DNA. At this stage they are rejuvenates and spontaneously start to reconstruct. Thus healing is triggered. But it is not proven that consuming or injecting Ormus solution or power is completely safe. So one should be sure before introducing this element into their body.

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