In the recent years the market has seen great number of health supplements being introduced and claiming to have great health benefits. The supplements come in the form of liquids which can be mixed with fruit juice or water, powders which can be sprinkled over food and even the health bars which are induced with energy boosting health elements. The actual effect of these supplements is difficult to measure because many of them are based on claims that their founder makes. Only when scientists take up a study on them, we will be able to pin point their effectiveness.

Ormus gold is one of those magical and energy packed health supplement that can bring about great change in human health. The supporters of Ormus or Alchemy in general believe that these elements are much superior that the precious metals that we see in the periodic table. These elements are present in a super spun state or the M state which makes them to be single molecule or monoatomic. In this condition the elements become super conductor of heart and energy and thus contain great power which is not yet discovered completely. Not only does the gold exist in this Ormus state but most of the precious metals do too like Ormus copper, Ormus platinum and so on.

The benefits of monoatomic gold are not completely new to human race. In fact there are numerous references to some kind of gold or stone or powdered gold in every major civilization and ancient text in the world. There is reference in the Bible about Moses burning the gold, grinding to a powder form, mixing it with water to create some kind of solution and making his people drink the solution to gain great energy. Chinese culture refers to a similar solution of gold which is the source of perfect health, youth and long life. The fountain of youth is said to have come from an illuminated area, suggesting that this too has connection to some form of monatomic gold present in mountain springs. The mighty Egyptians always offered gold powder in a cone shaped object to their gods. The Pharaohs and the priests used to mix this magical element to their medicine to become more ‘knowledgeable’ and for greater healing. These are just a few and the most popular instances which could be connected to the awareness of greatness of Ormus gold which was known to our ancestors.

In the light of the above mentioned information, Ormus gold really can be termed as the ‘Elixir of Life’. This simply means that liquid Ormus gold or the powder gold mixed with water is that potion or syrup or concoction that can give life to the consumer. But all the above said points are from the perspective of alchemists or the supporters of Ormus gold as a health supplement. Main stream science has not yet shown any concrete evidence of what this element is capable of and how it affects a person’s health. Some of the founders themselves say that it is not advisable to either inject or consume monoatomic gold concentrate. Instead it has to be just applied and absorbed through the skin. Thus the use of this element is completely left to the individual and his knowledge.

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