When talking about back & spine pain, Ortho mattress is the first thing that comes to mind. A revolutionary sleep product that has proven to be useful for people suffering from backache frequently. Our lazy selves, haphazard manners of sitting can result in backache. Sleeping at night seems difficult with all that ache & discomfort. In today's world, back pain is common with the younger lot. So, using a mattress that supports your back and neck is necessary.

What exactly is an ortho mattress?

Our spine goes through a lot, sitting for hours in the office, driving to work, and traveling. We just need to align it right at night for a sound sleep. Your mattress should support the spine and the sleeping style. There may be days when you feel restless due to your choice of mattress.

An Ortho mattress contours your body, providing plenty of support at pressure points and even weight distribution. With these mattresses, you will experience an optimal alignment every night.

Advantages of using an Ortho mattress:

It provides optimum support:

Ever experienced severe pain even after lying in bed for the whole night? That's because your mattress isn't supportive of your sleeping style. While an ortho mattress will support your sleeping position, making you comfortable in bed for a pleasant sleep.

An even weight distribution

Body aches and spinal pain can be a result of uneven weight distribution at night. The pressure on the shoulders and spinal cord will create an unpleasant situation for you. Hence, opting for an ortho mattress will be the perfect way out of such a situation.

Spinal Alignment

An ortho mattress ensures that your spine is rightly alleviated while sleeping, eliminating the risk of developing back pain in the long run.

Helps in maintaining body posture

Many mattresses are extra firm, and some extra soft. They sink in easily, causing body ache and neck pain after some time. An ortho mattress is durable, with an adequate firmness to help you with the bodyweight & sleeping style.

When does one require this mattress?

Are you experiencing severe back pain every morning? Well, the chances are that your mattress is unsupportive of your body posture at night. You will feel the discomfort till you swap the mattress with a good one.

Those who work for long hours sitting in front of their computer have higher chances of developing neck and back pain. Consider getting an Ortho mattress instead of your regular mattress.

Sleeping on an Ortho Mattress

You will sleep well every night:

Imagine sleeping on a mattress that is comfortable enough to support your weirdest sleeping style. An ortho mattress feels the same, making even body weight distribution. You will experience waking up without body aches.

Promotes good sleeping posture

We all prefer different sleeping styles, some of us are side sleepers, and some are back sleepers. Not every mattress is ideal for every sleeping position. However, ortho mattresses are exceptionally body adjusting. They support almost every sleep posture.

Eases the body ache

These mattresses stand true to their feature of providing a comforting sleep without disturbance. With an even body weight distribution and pressure point relief, sleeping on an ortho mattress is an experience like no other.

Have a higher durability

Investing in a long-lasting mattress is probably the best thing one can do. It's not a commodity we change very often. So, purchasing an ortho mattress will be a beneficial deal. You will be getting comfort and durability in a single purchase.

Have a medium firmness

The firmness of the mattress directly affects the posture of your spine. You have to be cryptical about the choice when it comes to firmness. Ortho mattress is an ideal choice, having the right amount of medium-firmness. Spreads the body weight evenly, eliminating the pressure from your back.


Couples generally have sides of bed designated. They tend to sleep on their side of the bed, which creates an impression on the mattress. With an orthopedic mattress, you can easily switch places without worrying about the sinkage. This mattress is designed for spreading the body weight equally, without causing sinkage of any kind.

Choosing the right mattress for your condition:

There are many types of mattresses available in the market. Each one of them has its benefits, serving several purposes.
Your sleep quality is highly influenced by factors like a pillow, mattress, and room temperature.

One needs to monitor what changes their sleep schedule requires. Here are a few kinds of mattress highly chosen by people:

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress extends the right amount of support, is a little springy, and has a medium firmness. If you have back pain, a latex mattress can be an ideal choice. These are slightly different from the ortho mattress. You can go for the kind you like more.

Ortho Mattress

With even weight distribution, a great spinal alignment, and support of different sleeping styles, an ortho mattress has several benefits to offer.

Memory Foam Mattress

Originally, used for making seats and helmet stuffing by NASA, memory foam mattress is quite a rage. These are allergy-free, have temperature control, and are a perfect match for your sleeping posture.


More the brands, more will be the choice of mattresses. What's inspiring is that with revolutions comes innovation. Today the sleep market has a variety of mattresses and pillows to support several disorders and sleeping styles. You can get a mattress that suits your body, supports your sleeping style, and is within your budget. Body ache and neck pain can cause discomfort. What's the point of waking up all tired?

Study the advantages of various mattresses, and choose the right kind. Provide yourself the luxury of sound sleep every single night. This year let's promise ourselves to sleep and feel better every day. We work so hard, and so the reward should be utterly pleasant.

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Garima Sharma is a media manager who has vast experience in PR, branding and digital advertising. Her interests revolve around everything sleep, be it about bedrooms, sleep science, sleep diet, sleep techniques or sleep products like mattress, pillows, bedsheets, towels and accessories such as mattress protector and travel neck pillow. She has worked with several innovative startups in the past and specialises building visibility and buzz through extensive media outreach thereby making known the value offered by brands to consumers.