Osteoarthritis happens for a variety of reasons. The mechanical reason is that joints began to wear out as we use them more and more throughout life. This disease tends to affect more people as they get older all though it can appear at any point line.

The disease, also known as OA, can lead to chronic disability and is the most common form of joint problem throughout the Western world. Ultimately, many patients find that they have to have joint replacement surgery in order to live normal lives.

Surprisingly, research shows that exercise itself does not cause OA. When everything is aligned and strong, the human body can handle normal levels of exercise. When things get out of alignment or weak, the degeneration starts.

How can you battle osteoarthritis naturally? The first battle you need to win is to avoid OA entirely. That means trying to avoid injuries and preventable diseases that do damage to the joints. Of course, for most people, that is not possible.

Normal life will bring about joint injuries in many varieties. And you can never tell when you will get a disease that will affect your joints. So if you are not successful with the first hour, the next battle is to minimize the amount of damage done to your joints. That means relieving the stresses and strains on those tender joints.

Exercise is the most natural way to battle osteoarthritis. Exercise increases the strength of the tendons and muscles that surround joints. That helps keep the joints stable and aligned properly.

Exercise also helps reduce any excess weight you might be carrying. Excess weight can pull joints out of alignment and aggravate OA. It is also important to have a good understanding of what might be causing your particular case of arthritis.

Talk with your doctor and see if there are any changes, you need to make your daily routine. Sometimes sitting too long or standing on your feet too long can be an aggravation.

Many people seek alternative ways to deal with the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Besides adding exercise, taking natural supplements can help ease the symptoms.

Many doctors have started to recommend taking vitamins and other natural supplements to improve your joints. It is important to make sure that you include natural supplements and overall management plan of your OA.

That will give your body the full chance to work properly and to get itself back into shape.

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Gareth Jones is a professional writer and firm believer in increasing health, wellness and longevity by following a daily omega 3 fish oil and health supplement regime, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. He also loves sharing news!