What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. It also causes loss of bone and the density of the bone gets affected in course of time. It affects people of all races old aged men and women who are in their menopause stage. Bone gets easily fractured even for the lightest stress, (i.e.) while coughing or exercising.

What causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is commonly referred as The ‘Silent Thief’, bone cells starts to dissolve without the knowledge of the person. Normally cells of bone get replaced every 10 years but in a person affected by osteoporosis bone cells hardly undergo change.

Thinning of bone with time makes the bone porous and it is easily susceptible to fracture. X-ray is the easiest way to find the density of the bones and one could easily differentiate the bones of a person affected by osteoporosis and a normal person in X -ray. Spaces are formed within bones and it makes the bones hollow making it easily susceptible to fracture.

Causes in men

Low level of testosterone hormone is the main cause for osteoporosis in men. Deficiency of testosterone hormone lowers the level of calcium in the body and makes the bone easily brittle.

Causes in women

Estrogen deficiency is the common cause for osteoporosis in women. Older women at the menopause stage have a quick drop in estrogen levels and this leads to osteoporosis. Women whose ovaries are surgically removed also suffer lower level of estrogen. There is a high risk of fracture in menopausal women, especially hip, spine and wrists are easily affected by stress.

Treatment for Osteoporosis

There are various ways to treat osteoporosis in men. Balancing hormones, increasing intake of calcium and physiotherapy are few of the treatment options. Osteoporosis affected person cannot perform their regular works and they feel difficult to stand for long hours or cannot perform any athletic as a normal person does. Few of the osteoporosis patients also suffer from severe pain and pain killers provide temporary relief from pain but on the other side it can cause unwanted side effects.

Vibration training is one of the best osteoporosis treatments and it strengthens the bones and prevents fracture. Not to mention, it also normalizes the level of hormones in the body and prevent loss of calcium.

Vibration training also helps to burn unwanted fats and cellulites which are main causes for obesity. Completely losing fat enhances one beauty and helps to shed fat quickly.

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