Medical research indicates that nearly 93% of children in America suffer at least one middle ear infection, which is severe enough to see a doctor. Most will suffer repeat occurrences, up to a dozen or more in childhood. 

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A Complete Novel Idea behind Inception

The ingenious minds behind OtoNexus are Dr. George Gates, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Mark Moehring, Chief Science Officer. After caring for children for over 40 years, Dr. George Gates was determined to find a better way to diagnose the problem of middle ear infection and treat these children. 

Creating New Opportunities for Medical Applications

Caitlin notes that it is important that diagnosis and treatment align with many stakeholders, including physicians, hospitals, patients, parents, and insurance companies. Everyone benefits when the diagnosis of viral versus bacterial infection is determined quickly, antibiotic use is minimized, time to diagnosis is reduced, clinical outcomes are improved, and unnecessary referrals to specialists are minimized.

A Take on the Impact of the Pandemic on Medical Devices

Talking about the impact of the pandemic on the medical device industry, Caitlin shares that one area that had an immediate impact on development was the loss of access to both clinicians and patients for clinical studies. 

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