Our Authentic Self
By Kathi Rancourt

"The journey of consciousness, of mysticism, is to come to know yourself and your own motivations." ~ Caroline Myss

For many of us, Life is about striving to become our True and Authentic Selves. It's about being able to laugh at our mistakes, because if we live as authentically as we can we instinctively know there are no mistakes, only different paths to choose from. One day we may choose the path to the right, the next we choose a path to the left. Striving to be our True Authentic Self is living freely, with deep joy, serenity, and peace despite those who attempt to block or usurp our happiness. When we live with Presence; we live in the Now moment.

There are no regrets or guilt about the past when we live as our true Authentic Selves, because we know the past is long gone. Our powerful Dai Ko Mio symbol can ensure we remain focused and present in Presence. There are no worries about the Future because the Future is yet to come, so why consider it? We use the all-seeing Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen time symbol to ensure our Future is as it should be, and therefore not worry unnecessarily. Remember that worry is a lack of faith in what is. There is only contentedness in the Present, in the Now, because it is where we instinctively know we belong. When we are living as our Authentic Self, we stand fast, honoring the Past and the Future, with our feet firmly planted in the Present, in the Now. We can use our mental/emotional symbol, the Sei Hei Ki symbol to help us remain firmly planted in the Now.

Some will attempt to bump us out of our peace, by intentionally attempting to hurt us with words, actions, or even thoughts (psychic darts). But because we are steadfast in our desire to be our True Authentic Self, we stand firmly with ease and joy, leaving those negative Souls in the Past. We choose not to associate with those who wish to constantly hurt us time and again. Our internal compass guides us along, as we walk hand in hand with our Higher Self, on our Journey to the Whole, to the One, to the Divine.

We are free from the ties that bind us to those who want to squelch our happiness, because we choose Authenticity. We know deeply that our love for them, for all, is unconditional, but we also remain discerning in not allowing our Authentic Self to step into the web of intricately woven resentments and negativity that some weave around themselves, attempting to snag us in. We strive to be Authentic, and in striving to Be, we are ~ I Am. The I Am consciousness prevails. We gently let those negative Souls go, with love, peace, and forgiveness. No longer do we allow their poison to affect us in any way. We simply allow them to Be, as we are allowed to Be ~ in the Now.

Being our Authentic Self is a Journey, a Sacred Chore ... it is constant internal and external work. Internal and external changes must be navigated if we are to effect changes within and without. We must live in constant awareness of our actions, words, and thoughts. We must monitor our emotions carefully. We must be aware of all our human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear; and carefully weave our way through each when necessary. Emotions are never right or wrong, they simply ‘are’. And when we consciously move into our Authentic Self, we learn to work with our emotions, not against them. We use healing Reiki energy to bless each of our emotions as they arise, and we allow them to flow naturally.

In becoming our Authentic Self, we learn everything about our Self. What it is that we enjoy, what we tolerate, what we won’t tolerate, who we want to embrace into our sacred inner circle, what our likes and dislikes are ~ indeed, we learn to become our own best friend. We learn that as we grow, either our loved ones grow with us, or they flounder and eventually fall away. If our loved ones choose to fall away, we allow them that space to grow at their own, individual space, because we know we are responsible only for our Journey, and not for anyone else’s.

Author's Bio: 

Kathi Rancourt is a Registered Nurse, Reiki Teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She has been working in the healing and health fields for over 20 years, and currently works as a travel nurse. This allows her to introduce many people to the healing powers of Reiki, wherever she goes. Kathi was the eldest girl in a family of 7 children, and feels right at home being a caregiver and champion for those less fortunate. Kathi has managed her own side business, ‘A Much Kneaded Break’ dba ‘Mystic Circle Reiki’ for over 17 years. She has been writing poetry most of her Life, as well as short stories and articles. Kathi has published a few pieces of work in small publications, and minored in ‘creative writing’ in college. Currently, she is working on her first book, which she hopes to have published within the next year, or so. Kathi lives in Boynton Beach, Florida, with her Lifepartner of 12 years, and their 7 year old Toy Poodle, Kody. Kathi can be reached via her website at: www.mysticcirclereiki.com/.