We have been Approval Addicts, not following our inner promtings because we've been afraid of what others may think of us. We have blindly followed what we were hypnotised to believe is acceptable. We were rewarded for regurgitation, memorization and social conformity and punished and stigmatized for creativity and thinking outside of the box... We lost our connection to our heart and went into our heads, abandoning our true essence.

Our ignorance of our personal potential has held us back from developing our imaginations and creative abilities; our lack of self-esteem has kept us conforming, for the approval of others; and our fear of the unknown has kept us from exploring new ideas or even associating with anyone who has a different perspective than our own. We have been imprisoned through societal norms and the fundamental principals on which our educational system runs, forcing us to live outside of the truth that resonates within. We have unconsciously created generations that have not learned how to grow through creativityimagination and experience but have been judged, condemned and riduculed into submission of what is, rather than what can be.

We are breaking out of our shell of ignorance, lack of self-esteem and fear. We are becoming, for the first time in history, truly free and we are experiencing the richness of our human capacity. In our freedom to explore our own inner nature, the world around us is self-actualizing. We are experiencing a shift now, it isn't whom you associate with but what you can do yourself that counts. Personal skills, wisdom, and character are being valued more and more everyday. Everyone is considered capable of living their passion and truth. Each of us are setting our own goals for self-development and service. We are creating and experiencing freedom, creativity, purpose and passion.

Keywords for our children's future are enlightenment, freedom, creativity, hope, humanitarianism, idealism, awakening, philanthropy, universal love, and peace. The destiny of our children comes from their 'ah ha' moment of truth and their expansion of consciousness. Curiousity, passion and fearlessness is the new way. Our children are demanding reasons for their beliefs and want knowledge first-hand for themselves. They are acquiring wisdom through experience, which then grows into true knowledge... through lessons learned, ultimate growth is experienced. Only when we are free enough to grow individually will we be free enough to grow in our evolution of humanity.

Our children are showing the strenght to set their own standards for their creations and are not concerned about what others may or may not think. Our children are paying attention and being guided by their inner vision, not by external perspectives. As a result, our children are experiencing individual freedom and responsibility ~ they are awake, empowered and consciously creating.
Our children are more self-reliant and resilient; they are questioning the hypnotic trance; they are taking control of their everyday attitudes; they are letting go of external validation for their inner fulfillment and they are releasing their energy focused on the negatives of their world. In this way, they release materialism and superficiality and replace it with living and loving things. It is time for us to look at the world with the eyes of a child and co-create a NEW WAY of inspiring and supporting our children.

It is time for us to plant new seeds for our children and the education they are receiving. It is time for our education system to meet their needs to create, analyse and think rather than simply regurgitate information through memorization. Once children learn how to learn through experience, nothing is impossible so let's make learning contagious. It is time to reconnect the mind with the heart, and train our children to be resilient and use their minds, their inner power and their imagination.

What if our teachers were so full of inspiration, so full of love, so full of passion that our children were empowered and enlightened by their very presence? What if their very energy radiated such a bright spark of love that touched each of our children's imagination, that sparked within each of them a true love of life and learning. The truth is... every single teacher holds this dream in their heart of hearts…without exception. Every teacher shares in their passion for teaching children, the desire to help the world thrive one child at a time... from the youngest to the oldest and everyone in between.

The intention is to enlighten you to a new vision and encourage you to assist your children and their teachers in expanding what comes naturally to them. It is time for children to be engaged, collaborate with others and to experience learning through education. We are in an Era in which they will have to create rather than regurgitate, where they will have to energize solutions rather than problems and they will have to BE willing to stand up for what they believe in with out fear of retribution.

If your child has been impacted already by outside influences and is operating through fear, we can help you and your child out. Come to harmonicutopia.com or innerbalancehypnotherapy.com to leave fear behind and return to your innate freedom and truth.

"The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to the use of its own powers rather than to fill it with the accumulation of others."-- Tyron Edwards

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