Our conscious self is our most isolated of our Three Selves

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Our basic self, inner child, and high self, guardian angel, can easily communicate and can always touch. They are more similar than different, cut from the same cloth, their frequency more similar than different, both are sub- and unconscious.
Your conscious self is the most isolated of the three selves

Your basic self and high self can easily communicate; they can alwasy be in touch, more similar than different, cut from the same cloth. Both are subconscious and unconscious, so similar.

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The conscious self; on the other hand, really is an island. It is bound by sequential 3D time and space. It is by far the most isolated of the three selves.

The conscious self can get in on the conversation between b/s and h/s, but it takes desire, willingness and practice.

In a way philosophers of the 1700s and 1800s were right--we are each an island. But they took it too far and made the isolated intellect into a religion. They acted unaware altogether about the two thirds of the human psyche, the parts not bound by either time or space.

The isolation of the c/s is by design. The c/s represents the soul here in 3D life. One image is the c/s mirrors the soul; another image is, the c/s is the stand-in for the soul here in 3D.

Q: Why doesn’t the soul simply come and be present in peson?

A: If the soul was here all the time in person--it would burn out our nervous system.

The soul naturally stands outside of 3D creation, outside of all conditioned energies, including body, emotion, and Mind. The soul is free of any conditioning. That's what makes it a soul!

In order for it--and you--to KNOW this is true, here in the confusing mish-mash of highly conditioned 3D life, the c/s has to have the possibility of objectivity, being IN but NOT OF the confusing opportunities of 3D experience

The c/s is isolated so it has fewer distractions. This enables it to do its job better--making healthy choices. Plato I think spelled out this job: taking the right action, at the right time, with the right person, for the right reason. It's a big job and lack of distractions helps a lot.

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