We are living in a unique period of time, where the world, and everyone in it is experiencing, processing and releasing the eons of trauma and pain through the evolutionary transformation we are currently undergoing. Many of us are overwhelmed, if not depressed, and without a clear understanding of how to handle and express our feelings of emotional overwhelm.

However, there’s good news, as we all possess a fantastic coping mechanism and vehicle of expression for the tremendous range of feelings and sensations that we experience throughout our lives. Our emotions provide us with a way to release the vast energy that we create, take in, are exposed and subjected to, happen by and participate in, all in the spectrum of experiencing this journey called life. None of us would give up the happy, joyful moments we’ve all had, so we must also learn how to deal with the disappointing and more difficult experiences in life that many of us will go through at one time or another.

Expressed in a way that doesn’t harm another, our emotions can be a great gift and something truly special that we can experience and share with one another. Have you ever cried so hard that you could barely breathe and you could feel the hurt, pain and sadness pouring out of you? How did you feel after you cried your eyes out? Did you feel just a tiny bit better?

Or, if you have really experienced deep loss and sadness, was it because you loved someone dearly and they passed away or left you? Maybe it took you days, or weeks, even months of crying and feeling sad to finally begin to feel better and begin living your life again. Would you prefer not to have known that person and had those experiences of Love? Do we really want to become totally disengaged from our emotions, totally desensitized that we stop feeling altogether?

This is what taking Anti-depressant prescription drugs will do to you. This is what violent TV, music and movies are doing to all of us; desensitizing us to feel no sense of loss and sadness when we watch someone die or get killed, blown up or who knows what they’ll put in the next horror film our kids are watching these days.

And, the most popular video games are all about killing, war and more killing. What are we doing by letting our children spend hours each day entertaining themselves with this kind of violence? We need to wake up to what’s really going on here and make some very important changes for the sake of our children.

Children need to be learning in a creative environment, with room and the freedom to move and express themselves. Just recently, the Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual has assigned a new disorder to children who have temper tantrums, and it’s called, Temper Dysregulation Disorder with Dysphoria. This opens the door for the pharmaceutical industry to now convince parents that there’s something ‘wrong’ with their children if they have a tantrum, and that they need to give their child a pill to fix it. This is not a joke, it’s real and it’s happening.

We need to wake up and realize that our emotions are there to help us experience a rich, fulfilling life. Nature has provided us with a full spectrum of emotions to express ourselves in a wonderfully diverse, creative and fun way. We need to celebrate life more, forget about being politically correct and go out and have fun, enjoy yourself with your friends, laugh, play, be silly, be child-like again. This is a great way to release the stress and the worries many of us are experiencing these days.

We need to get out of the rut of feeling bad, as it only creates more of the same. If we are willing to work endless hours to make more money, why can’t we put a little more effort into creating a happier life? It works the same for all the emotions, and if we start to place our focus on the positive ones, and make more of an effort to create more love, joy, laughter and fun in our lives, our lives will become more fun, more loving and more joyful.

It works the same for all the emotions, and if we start to place our focus on the positive ones, and make more of an effort to create more love, joy, laughter and fun in our lives, our lives will become more fun, more loving and more joyful.

The easiest and most simple way that I know (for a fact) that will quickly put me into a calm, centered and joyful emotional state, is simply to meditate. I can take a mere ten minutes to sit down, get quiet and let the outer world go, and get inside of where all the peace and tranquility reside. Accessing that place on a daily basis restores my soul, rejuvenates my spirit and reminds me that I have a bigger part to play than simply to work hard to make some more money.

If you don’t already know how to meditate, visit my YouTube Channel at rcherry88 and watch my new Learn to Meditate in 10 Minutes video. It’s easy, simple, fast and will help you to regain your balance, realize your unique contribution to the world and have you smiling again. It is your way out of the chaos and into your Heart, where all of the wisdom resides, and where you will find lasting peace, tranquility and Joy again.

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Rebecca Cherry is the Founder of Tickled Pink Productions, Workshop & Retreat Leader and ‘Isabella's Earth and the Forces of Doom’ Author. As the creator of the RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine Courses & Workshops, Cherry is a leading expert on topics of living a life full of Passion and Abundance Creation.

Born highly intuitive, and with a knowing acceptance of all people, Rebecca grew up enjoying a close connection to Mother Earth and Nature. At the age of 15, she began studying a wide range of esoteric subjects, and by the age of twenty had expanded her focus to include studying The Science of the Subconscious Mind, taught by a Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute, The Course of Miracles, Past Life Regression Therapy, Meditation, Iridology, Reflexology and a variety of Energetic Healing modalities.

Rebecca studied under three Master Intuitive Teachers both in Los Angeles and New York, further fine-tuning her intuitive talents and energetic healing abilities. She continued over the years to compliment her expanding view of the healing arts through continued study and integration of the Akashic Records, Western Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Shui, Crystal and Gem Therapy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Amino Acid Therapy and Nutritionally-based cleansing health and techniques.

Rebecca’s innate intuitive and healing abilities, extensive knowledge and combined expertise create a cohesive and unique new system she calls Integrated Energetics. She offers an extensive menu of Akashic Record readings, Energetic Clearing and Balancing techniques, and working with reprogramming the subconscious mind with supportive beliefs that are in alignment with your Heart’s desire.

Her comprehensive and gentle approach offers the divinely inspired guidance to assist others in transforming their lives into the one they not only desire, but also the one they are divinely destined to live.

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