Our vibration level changes with the energy that surrounds us. Everything has energy; the past, present and future all have energy of their own. You choose what type of energy you bring forth from an event. For an example, let’s look at a hurtful experience as a bucket full of water. A sponge represents you. Each and every time you go back to the past and re-live your experience you are putting that sponge in a bucket full of water and carrying it with you. Now, wring out that sponge, this symbolizes releasing all the negativity associated with the event. Now, what you have is a dampened sponge minus all the negativity and the negative energy that is associated with it. Only take what you need from a bad experience, don’t carry all that extra negativity and negative energy with you. Release it; let it go, wring it out!

Why is that so important? Each time you re-live an experience, a certain part of your energy goes from good, positive energy to that of drained, tired and negative energy. Negative energy, just like positive energy, manifests itself and flows into other things as well. Life is also composed of those moments that make you strong. Focus on what gives you your strength.

Sometimes it seems that our world is focusing on the horrifying thoughts and actions of others. Here is an example. There was a very bad accident that happened yesterday, there were casualties. Upon the investigation of this accident it is found that if seat belts were worn, lives would have been saved. What is missing from this brief blotter? All of the terrible details, people want to hear the details. Sometimes it seems the gorier, the better. There are people who are videotaping tragic events instead of calling the police. That is pretty scary. How desensitized have we become as a nation? Spare me the gory details of everything. Learn the important facts and leave the rest behind. We see so many things every single day and we carry that energy on to other areas of our lives. It is when we want to know more than the lesson that our perception becomes distorted.

There will always be violence in the world. Somewhere, someway there will always be a country, a person, or a tribe to piss off one another. We can only pray for peace, and have peaceful thoughts and actions. Sending positive thoughts can help as well.

Today is not just our own. We share each moment with a vast majority of lives. We are a million decisions rolled into one that carries on to another. Don’t forget, we are a sponge and absorb a lot of things. It is up to each of us to choose what we want to know, and how much detail we want to hear. You want to raise your energy and your awareness, but you don’t want to lose track of what’s going on in the world as well. Listen and observe, but don’t take the negativity with you.

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