From the time of antiquity, man is said to be protected by a Guardian Angel. This angel appears at birth and follows man right up to his deathbed. Once we have passed our Guardian stays with us in the afterlife, ensuring a safe passage to Heaven. It also helps us to attain salvation in the after life for it prays for us daily. It knows no race, colour or creed and is a medium between man and God.
A Guardian Angel’s mission is to help man along the path of life, to guide and to protect. This, however, does not mean that it will alter destiny for lessons are to be learnt by man. It does not interfere nor apply pressure for it complies to free will. It is called upon for reassurance, guidance and support. One can ask a Guardian Angel for almost anything provided it is for the highest good of all.
Guardian Angels will protect you and guide you regardless whether one believes in them or not. However, when one calls upon them and believes in them whole heartedly, his/her life is enriched for it works alongside Divine Presence. They do send telepathic thoughts to one on a daily basis, so long as the individual is listening.
Angel guides do differ. They can be called upon, regardless as to whether they are our guardians or not. Both Angels serve the purpose of enhancing one’s life and enriching contact with the Divine. One can have many Angels around them but there is only one or possibly two Guardian Angels and they are always in our presence. They are both, according to St Thomas, of the lowest orders of angels but still a strong tie to God.
Signs of My Angels.
Once called upon and believed in, Angels will make their presence known and leave a sign of it. The most common sign is that of the white feather or fluff found in the most unexpected place. Once, I remember, as I had just finished praying to God for a speedy recovery of a relative, a small white feather appeared out of nowhere. I was in my office at the time and the window was shut as it was winter. My child was quick to remark, ‘How on earth did a feather get in here.’ I simply thanked my Guardian Angel’s divine presence and went on to work.
Other times one can feel their soft and secure presence. It’s a warm and loving presence that may cause overwhelming feelings. To discern between a Guardian Angel and Angel Guide focus on the feeling. A Guardians presence is much stronger and solid than an Angel Guide’s. Not that one is not to feel safe with their guide for all Angels protect and provide safety and harmony.
Some appear in physical form whilst others actually see their Guardian or Angels as they are physically and clothed. I tend to see their colours and features.
Other times, one may often smell them. They are usually accompanied by a light floral smell that raises the senses to feel wonderfully calm.
Hearing angels is also more than likely possible. Their voices are soft and silky and never use rude language nor street language. They are coherent, very clear and concise. Their tone is always gracious and never push one to extremities nor to undignified acts.
Many ask why accidents occur if our Angels exist? As mentioned, they do not interfere with destiny nor change the course of life as we all have lessons to learn and master. Where death is concerned, Angels cannot interfere for we all have our destiny mapped out for us. Besides, death in the Heavens above is seen as joyful for one can reach God and rest from worldly pressure.
Call upon your Guardian Angel, pray to it and wait for it in silence. Do not become anxious over whether you will hear him/her or not, for anxiety raises doubt which in turns blocks any chance of communication. Be at peace, request kindly to see or hear your Guardian or guides and they will appear.

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Seraphia Preston has been healing and channeling guidance from higher sources for many years now. She has helped many find the right path to follow and their guiding influences. Seraphia stands out for her loyalty and honesty in this field of work. Join her at her website for channeled reads, online courses, prayers and distant healing.