Our life struggles come in many forms. Some struggles may be regarding money, love, careers or about things we cannot fathom. Our life struggles know no age, race, and religion or where you are located in this vast world.

The struggles that we endure in our lifetime might be a cakewalk to others. What is the bottom line? How do we survive our struggles? How do we escape the despair? It’s easy, look inside you!

You have to look at your own capabilities. You have to see what you can physically do and what you can’t. There are amazing people all around the world who overcame their physical issues that are doing amazing things. So, you can’t use your physical condition as an excuse to get out of your struggle. Once you have an idea of what you can do physically you can move on to your emotional journey.

Emotionally, where do you stand? How strong are you? Are you a take the bull by the horns type person or are you the kind of person that has someone come over and literally help you get off the couch? If you are the later, why are you depending on others? Get up and brush off your knees and let’s get going! No one is going to knock on your door and hand you money to pay your bills! No one is going to knock on the door and say “I’ll hire you.” Lastly, you will never find a mate just waiting for him/her to come knocking at your door.

I have been blessed in many ways in my life; my family, experiences and the people that I have met. I have not been fortunate enough to travel; it’s a goal of mine that one day I will achieve. So, I can only imagine through television and newspaper and friends some of the things other countries have to endure.

As I stated, I have been blessed in many ways. I didn’t have to travel by foot to get to a job that took 5 hours to get there. My water comes out of the tap in the kitchen, I didn’t have to walk to get it and haul a big container of it back home. I had food, during my childhood we ate a lot of the same meal every day of the week, but we ate. I had the luxury of going to school.

How do you overcome your life struggles? You get up and just do it! You get up and make the changes that you have to. You should be thankful for what you have; you have been blessed to have it, many others don’t! You pray when you lose your inner strength, you ask for guidance in case you lost your direction. You take a good long look at yourself and realize all that you are capable of. You learn who you are and how strong you are. You realize that just because your life struggles are this way at this very moment, you have hope and faith in yourself to change it. Struggles do not know any language; they don’t care who you are or where you live. Life struggles will come and go but they are there for a reason and that’s to make you stronger.

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