The skin is our largest and most sensitive organ. It’s considered as the mirror of our well-being because it clearly reflects our health and well-being. Our living and eating habits clearly shows in the condition of our skin. We can influence the health and condition of our skin thru our choices. Healthy living habits, nutrition and right skin care products are the basis for a healthy, vibrant skin. It’s important to treat our skin both internally and externally.

We have billions of cells in our body and they behave the same way as a fireplace.

A fireplace needs oxygen and wood for a glowing fire.

Later, ashes need to be removed from the fireplace, otherwise the fire will go out. When there is sufficiently oxygen, optimum supply of nutrients and vital substances, our body -our fireplace- produces energy and nice warmth.
When our billons of cells have enough energy and they are healthy, then we are healthy, too.

The health of our cells clearly shows also in our skin’s condition. A well-balanced and healthy nutrition is important for the well-being of our skin. There is no single food or nutrient which would make our skin glowing healthy alone. Countless number of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients contribute together to the condition and well-being of our skin. A healthy, balanced diet and nutritional supplements help you to ensure the availability of all the necessary nutrients for the health of the skin.

There are some external factors that have an impact on the skin’s condition. Climate and environment (heat, cold, humidity) contribute to the health of the skin, for example. Chemical influences like excessive cleansing or the use of aggressive cleansers also contribute to the health of the skin. All therapeutic measures influence the condition of our skin. The skin needs to be protected and nourished also externally. Choosing the correct skin care products according to the skin type and the specific needs of the skin is one of the secrects to a healthy, glowing, vibrant skin.

Our skin reflects our eating and living habits. We can influence the condition of our skin trhough a well-balanced diet and healthy living habits. Exercise and sufficient amount of sleep are also important factors in skin care. On the other hand, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption cause skin aging. It is important to protect and nourish the skin externally. The use of high-quality skin care products according to the needs of the skin and skin type contributes to the health and well-being of the skin.

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Annukka Huotari has been involved in the beauty and health industry for past 13 years. She has gained experience on beauty care and also pre-preventive health care. More details are available at: