Balance on all levels especially health does not need to be so difficult. But unfortunately due to the fast lane society we involve ourselves in it's not easy. We find ourselves depleted and as always searching for the right tools and ingredients to help re-gain our body balance.

With a good percentage of people having a diet consisting of high acidic and over processed foods our bodies are struggling to regain a normal PH body balance. One such strategy for countering excess dietary acids is to increase respiration, since carbon dioxide is acidic and oxygen is alkaline. By breathing in more oxygen and exhaling more carbon dioxide, the body works to regulate its own PH. Another is your body taking alkaline minerals from your bones to restore balance, reducing bone density.

A much more user-friendly option is to take Chlorella.

The Super food Chlorella is one very useful ingredient in the recipe for balance, it is a single-celled water-grown algae that's green coloring is attributed to its high amounts of chlorophyll. This fascinating super food has a long list of benefits and has been put under the microscope by many since its discovery. With advances in technology we are now able to utilize more of what it has to offer.

Containing essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins C, E, all the B's and Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iodine, minerals and enzymes. It is also high in protein containing 38 times more protein than the soy bean, 55 times more protein than rice and is easily digested by the human body.

Chlorella is the richest source of chlorophyll in the world. There's nothing more cleansing and detoxifying than Chlorophyll it helps remove heavy metals from your body and assists the movement of oxygen through the blood stream (chi), as well as help neutralize the pollutants absorbed on a daily basis.

"CGF" Chlorella growth factor promotes the body's innate healing abilities to grow and repair nerve tissue.

It has been known to treat many health disorders and this is just a few Arthritis, Depression, Severe liver damage and liver disorders, Ulcers, hemorrhoids, Asthma, High blood pressure, Constipation, Bleeding gums, Infections, Inflammation of joints and tissues, Body odor / breath odor, Various degenerative diseases, Essential fatty acid deficiencies, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Mineral deficiencies (magnesium is a common deficiency), Diabetes, Obesity and all types of Cancers.

Chlorella helps protect the body in its fight against both viruses and cancer. A series of studies during the 1980s showed that tumor growth in mice could be reduced or stopped by injecting a water solution of Chlorella around the neoplastic growth. Even tumor regrowth was cut down significantly. In another study by the same researchers, tumor cells were killed completely by the Chlorella injection. The researchers then began to give Chlorella in oral form, and the anti-tumor effect was still significant.

Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer by Donald R. Yance

So if you're still with me after that bombardment of information there are thousands of research cases involving Chlorella online. You could literally spend days looking at them all. My personal experience on Chlorella has been more than enough evidence for myself to feel see and believe the amazing changes these natural foods can bring, as with anything though you will have to try it yourself to have your own experience. After all you can only become healthy in the process.

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