“As you move through your day, do so with love, caring and sustenance, for you are the caretaker of the world. Your job, as a human animal is to ensure not only the survival of your species, but also the quality of such.”

As I heard this quote I instantly felt that we have all the knowledge we’ll ever need right inside our minds, like an internal toolbox. In our toolbox are ambition, surety, promise, initiative, compassion, and trust, just to name a few.

At birth we are ready to put the tools to use. We are taught to crawl or forever remain at a standstill. We improvise and begin using our limbs to propel us forward, honing in on our goal. As a toddler our world is immense and an inexhaustible playground – a place where there are no limits save for parental ones. The world is an open book of endless possibilities, one that engulfs us, cradles us, and challenges us to seek her every corner.

As adults, we aren’t that different from the baby. With our toolbox in hand, we can rise above any obstacle we encounter. We inherently know the problems that must be tackled in an instant from the ones which can be left for a later date. If we so choose, we can walk in the shadow of no fear, reaching for what we want. In our glory, we are limitless and all-mighty, and our world once again becomes our playground – thanks to our trusty toolbox.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Spiritual Medium and Psychic who can offer you the opportunity to communicate with those on the other side of the veil, while also assisting you with past, present, and future events.

An Ordained Minister, Lisa Bousson also councils clients concerning their spiritual needs as well as performs legal and civil services.

Bousson's mission is to serve you for your highest good, empowering you to make positive choices that will enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual lives.