Your Purpose In Life Is To Increase Your Vibrations

We all are vibratory particles of pure light, pure thought and pure consciousness. We are not these limited and separate physical bodies of matter that we think and believe we are.
The Universe has one guiding principle and that is balance. This balance is one of vibrations. Low vibration entities exist on one plane of reality while higher vibration entities exist on higher and higher planes of reality. The greater the vibration the greater is the peace , joy and happiness that the person will experience. Our current world is one of low vibration because we are so focused on our self-centered & self-important material wants and desires. We are so focused on our separation and insecurity from each other and everything else that nothing else can seem to get through that is of a more real and spiritual reality. Our total belief in a world of right and wrong, good and bad, saint and sinner and you and me that our mind and spirit are not able to increase their vibrations. They are stuck on a roller coaster of ups and downs; happiness and then sadness, health and then illness, security and then fear. Everything positive increases our spiritual vibrations while everything negative decreases it. Just as we begin to ascend to the next higher plane of joyful existence we bring ourselves back down to this world of illusionary duality and negativity. Our belief in who we are not keeps us imprisoned in this lower level of existence because it keeps us believing in a million illusions that are not real and can never be real. We create our own reality and we have created this also. It is not until we reverse our thoughts and awaken to who and what we truly are that we will be able to reject all duality and negativity and focus on increasing our vibrations through joy, happiness and unconditional love for all. Once we realize that we are spiritual beings of light rather than physical beings of duality we will ascend to the next higher level of joy until we finally reach the most inner level of heaven. Reject today anything and everything that is not joy, happiness and unconditional love. Reject everything that is not 100% positive 100% of the time. Enjoy everyday and everyone within that day and in this enjoyment you will be fulfilling your purpose of increased vibrations and increased connectedness with your creator and source. You will be finally coming back home from which you never left. You will have traveled a million miles in perception but gone nowhere in reality.
This lower level of reality is like a furnace within which we are all being forged into the spiritual being of pure light that we originally were but have added so much baggage over the years. It is this baggage of illusions that are now being stripped away to reveal the brilliant glowing light of a million suns....You.
The transition of the ages is coming, the year of 2012. It will be during this time that those of us who have increased our vibrations will ascend to the next joyful plane of reality where all higher vibratory beings will reside while those who have not will be stuck for a while longer on this lower level of existence. We will all reach heaven sooner or later for this is all of our creator's children's destiny but some sooner while others later. Let us enjoy the wonderful light of pure love sooner and start today to accept only our free will to choose 100% positive, 100% of the time.

Author's Bio: 

RL VANWALDICK, Professional businessman for past 30 years and author of the spiritual book, A Reversal of Thought, found at