Losing weight can be a terrible struggle for many people. Frustrating progress and rebound weight gain from fad diets can contribute to a real sense of hopelessness when it comes to achieving one’s fitness goals. Despite decades of scientific studies, nutritional advice and a multi-billion dollar diet industry, North Americans are larger than ever. According to national surveys, it is estimated that about one third of Americans are at least 20 percent or more overweight. This being the case while approximately 25-50 percent of Americans are on a diet! And of those few who are successful at losing weight on a diet, the majority of them will put in back on within the year.

The terrible consequences of obesity for our health, well-being and society have long been expounded. Carrying extra pounds contributes to stress on the back, legs and organs, while increasing the body’s susceptibility to disease. Obesity puts a person at a higher risk of coronary artery disease, kidney disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder disease, and cancer to name but a few. Being overweight can also decrease fertility, and increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. While the debate continues as to why it is that so many of us have grown so large over the last few decades, it is nevertheless a well known fact that despite the thousands of extra calories that we are consuming, the intake of essential nutrients has in fact decreased. These empty calories, though greatly responsible for weight gain, offer us nothing in terms of nutritional content. In fact, nutritional deficiencies are being investigated as an important factor in weight gain and obesity.

Proper diet, nutrition and exercise are obviously the only long-term solutions to the obesity epidemic. However, changing one’s entire lifestyle overnight is not always a viable (or advisable) option. We need to focus on implementing small but important changes to our routines in order to achieve success. Adding a few supplements to the diet can therefore be an easy and quite painless way of taking that first step. Making sure the body has the nutrients it needs to feel full, satiated and energized will help you to take the next step towards health and wellness.

Supplements which help to cleanse the body of toxins and build-up, to curb the appetite and to reduce the retention of fat and cholesterol in the body, are important first steps on the journey to achieving your goals. Of course, this is only the beginning, but giving the body what it needs will certainly help you to move forward towards a healthier, happier and more active you.

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