As I completed my newest book “ A Mandala Of Awakening- A Medium’s Life In Transition, The Truth Behind The Magic” I was elated to finally send it off to the publishers. I was elated about how far I’ve come along in my own life and couldn’t wait to share with others a snippet of my life. Eventually, more one-to-one sessions increased along with a growing involvement toward helping others regain their sense of ‘who they are’ and ‘what it was they were meant to do in their lives’. I truly believed at this point that I over came the sense of ‘me’ to ‘others’ and was able to effectively conduct such workshops and was credible. But, I was to acknowledge something very important at the end of one of the workshops I had taken part in. I had more to learn.

One winter day, I was in California conducting a workshop. I met so many wonderful people and was great-filled (!) to share my wisdom related to energy and it’s workings through a number of exercises. After this intense workshop, participants and I mingled as we began more intimate kinds of conversations. One ‘couple’ introduced themselves to me and that’s when the ‘ah-ha’ moment arrived. A lovely woman extended her hand motioning an introduction and then looked over at her husband. She proceeded to say “Lilian, I would like you to meet my husband Henry”. I shook his hand and we began our own intimate conversation. It was during this time I realized how very ‘possessive’ we still are. Some of these people, including this couple, live life free of material concerns, understanding life’s energy and most importantly they appeared at peace. This same couple understand that everything changes while nothing remains static. They focus on living life from a perspective of we are spirit forms having a human experience. I realized upon that introduction of ‘her spouse’ that their freedom loving ways is not correlating with how they use language. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be more fitting if they could introduce each other as partners whom walk alongside them in life. That is, not as a possession as ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’ would suggest.

This day brought forth a perspective I never realized before. I began to notice that amongst some of those who are spiritual seekers, open and filled with ‘zen’ like the couple who inspired an ah-ha moment, become completely devastated when ‘their’ partners leave (this is one such example). I then realized with most liberated spiritual thinkers the way they use language is not in accordance to what they are displaying through action. That is, the usage of language, as I’ve noticed, seems to block peace and happiness if not used appropriately. Is the way we use language in our daily lives really important to living peacefully? I truly believe so. The way we use language can say a lot about the state of peace within us, in the truest sense, revealing a lot about the state of spirit, mind and body. Capturing an essence that day of heart without ego was an ah-ha moment leaving me to understand peace in a new light. A heart to explore without ego with an understanding of ultimate peace through careful use of language is an ongoing process for me. I am grateful for this introduction. I continue to ponder.

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(Rev./B.Sc/C.S.C/CH.t) Lilian B. Eden is an internationally recognized Metaphysician, Hypnotist, Spiritual Advisor with a client base spanning several countries. Appearing regularly on radio shows as well as making other public appearances, she keeps busy advising/coaching clients in her office and facilitating workshops on a variety of alternative self improvement healing methods including: psychic development, mediumship development, tarot card reading, dream work, self-hypnosis, breath work, meditation, sound/color therapy and more. Her goal is to dispel the myth of magic and present a practical approach toward empowering people in their own lives. She’s a highly sought after healer and powerful motivational speaker. Down-to-earth and always lively, her lectures and workshops have helped in providing others incredible tools they can use in their lives. Her latest work includes her “Soul to Soul” 6 Cd series, her popular and newest book “A Mandala Of Awakening” A Medium’s Journey, The Truth Behind The Magic”. An avid writer and researcher, she continues to assist people in her offices, splitting her time between Los Angeles, California and Oakville, Canada. For more information about workshops/events, scheduling a session, or comments please contact Official website