Ourcoaching.com, founded in 2015 is an online learning platform that helps students to learn courses and professionals to share their knowledge and earn an extra income.

What encouraged us to start an e-learning platform?

The increased use of internet and technology by the students and trainers encouraged us to provide them an Online Learning Platform, an integrated set of interactive online educational services that provide online instructors, learners, and others associated with an educational field. We ended up with the decision to provide tools and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management. We have covered over 10k topics that facilitates online tutors to choose from and earn an extra income as well as students to learn any of the topics of their choice.

While the online learning platform is traditionally perceived as an educational resource for learners, it can also benefit the tutors which directly impact on their professional development.

How does it benefit to Online instructores?
In this technological world, it is very important for teachers or instructors to be in vogue with new technologies. OurCoaching is the platform which allows them to better understand the students who are actively browsing the subject or topic of their choice. Professionals have a good opportunity to adapt their teaching methods to the learning requirements of their students as well as they can improve their own IT abilities.

Few benefits out there

Connecting – OurCoaching allows teachers to stay connected with the students in order to exchange ideas, resources, study materials and methodologies

Flexibility – One of the key benefits of an e-learning platform is a flexibility. Online instructors have flexibility in providing varieties of different tutorials such as videos, texts and presentations.

Innovation– It gives online tutors a chance to adopt new technologies. By using new technologies, they are free to experiment in their teaching method and improve abilities.

Accessibility – Since it is an online learning platform, tutors can develop the content or study materials whenever they want to as per their schedule. Moreover, they can review the materials as many times as required.

Efficiency – Once the teachers start instructing students, they will receive a constant feedback from their students which helps to get popularity on their subjects and increases opportunities to gain more students.

Save Time -Time is the precious commodity for the professionals. It eliminates travelling from their home to school/college or institute.

Cost Effective - Another benefit is that OurCoaching is the cost-effective. Online instructors don't need to rent any classroom. Since travelling has been eliminated, they can save the travelling cost. Moreover, it prevents the cost of printing materials since everything takes place online.

Extra income - OurCoaching provides an opportunity for tutors to make an extra income by creating content on the topic of their expertise.

How does it work for Online Tutors?
Step 1: Define your content and Outline - Choose an area of Subject
Step 2: Create your Content - Open Source & free Content creation tools are available.
Step 3: Publish your Content
Step 4: Start Earning - Get paid for the information you publish

How does it benefit to Students?
As the name indicates, the online learning platform, which helps students to gain knowledge of the subject which they are looking for. They have the option to choose the instructor of their choice. Online Learning accommodates every student's needs.

Lectures can be taken a number of times - The benefit of e-learning platform over the traditional form of learning is students can access the content provided by instructors any number of times. This helps while revising or preparing for an exam.

Offers access to updated content - One of the main benefits of OurCoaching is that it ensures that students are in synchronization with modern learning methods. This facilitates the learner to access updated content wherever and whenever they want.

Effectiveness - Online Learning Platform has built a positive impact on an organization's profitability. It helps learners to easily grasp the content and digest it

The impacts:
● It results in increased scores on certifications, examinations, or any other types of evaluation.
● A higher number of students who 'mastery’ level.
● Enhanced ability to learn and implement the new methods or information at the workplace.
● Help in retaining information for a longer time.

Due to the wide assortment of benefits, eLearning has become a popular and appreciated among students all over the world.

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