Happy New Year, Happy New You! :-)

So another year is over and a new one has begun!

Have you set yourself some New Year’s Resolutions?

Well if you haven’t, the good news is it’s never too late to start a new goal.

When you decide what you want to achieve for 2015, make sure you have done the preparation to make it happen. Before beginning a new phase it is important to clear up anything that may be keeping you tied to the old ways that you want to let go of.

External baggage in your environment can be as mentally draining on your energy as any emotional baggage you may be carrying and it is a great place to start when making change. Without realising it consciously, your unconscious mind will be aware of the things around you that are unfinished or not in place. Your mind searches for completion so when a job is half done, it will be looking for closure on this whether you are aware of it or not. In going through the list below it will help clear your mind and support you in being ready and raring to go so you can achieve your goals.

Follow the steps below to help you start the year as you mean to go on!!


How many things do you have in your draws that you might use one day but never really seem to? Work your way around the house one area at a time and clear out anything you don’t use and organise what you do.

Pick out any clothes , shoes, coats that you haven’t worn for a year, things that don’t fit properly or you don’t feel you look that great in so would probably never choose to wear anyway. Have a car boot, eBay sale or simply donate to charity. Organise what you do have and you may even find you start wearing the clothes you do like when you can see them more easily.

Do you have kitchen cupboards and draws crammed full of stuff and food that is way past it’s sell by date? Get rid of it!!

Carry this through to every room, lounge, dining room, study and bathroom. Get that beauty box out and check how many half used bottles of products you started but never finished. Any furniture or home décor that is unloved or unwanted; either let it go to a new home or have fun restoring it into something you can enjoy.


Clear and clean it inside and out. Have it serviced, get new tyres and make sure it’s in good working order.

•Organise – Bills, mail, paperwork

When you need to find paperwork, your MOT certificate or warranty for something, does it take longer than you would like to actually find it? Open the mail, make arrangements and then file them away. Find a place for everything so you know exactly where it is. Do the same for your computer filing system. Delete any old files and create a folder for everything else. Over time this will save you hours!


Ignorance is not bliss!! Do you know how much debt you owe and to who? List EVERYTHING outstanding and to who then make arrangements to repay them.

You could use the money you sell the clothes you no longer wear to pay those bills. Make a note of what you spend and see where you can cut back. The money you were spending on things that make you feel better for a short time, such as clothes, could be used to pay more off your credit card…think how great that will make you feel!

•Tasks / to do list

Have you had a to-do list carrying on from one day to the next? Prioritise and allocate times to work your way through it. Cross it of when complete or decide not to do it.

•Take care of yourself

Make sure you look after yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise.

Organise your time, use a diary or calendar and allocate slots for each activity.

Enjoy the clearing process. It will assist you in creating a successful future!

Author's Bio: 

Sian believes that everyone already has the resources within them to be, do or have anything they desire. She started Potential within you to help others get rid of what holds them back and create the life they really want.

Working within the fitness industry for over 10 years, Sian was intrigued how some people achieved their goals when others didn’t and what the difference was between them. She noticed that although many women felt better about themselves when they lost weight, most were disappointed that they still had some of the same issues as before and consequently re-gained most of their weight.

Having personally struggled for years with low self-esteem and lack of confidence which prevented her from pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. She read many self-help books and attended seminars and talks to try to find answers. Whilst she did enjoy this, she never really got any closer to being who she wanted to be. She was introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®. and Hypnotherapy and intrigued, decided to book a session to see it would help her overcome her personal issues. She was surprised to find how past events had resulted in the choices that she was making and the limiting beliefs she held about herself. Sian was so amazed and inspired by her results both the instant benefit and continuous progress. She found the tools and techniques to be invaluable in everyday situations that it inspired her to become an NLP Practitioner and go on to progress to Master Practitioner.