Phishing scams are increasing day by day at alarming rates and becoming uncontrollable. To get anti phishing protection, first, we must have understood how to detect or recognize a phishing attempt. And what kind of steps we can look forward to getting anti phishing services.

What should we do?

• Whenever you receive any text invitation or greeting communication, be conscious! It may be a phishing text and from an unreliable source. If there is any link or attachment where they are demanding your personal or banking info, don’t respond.
• When you see any pop-up to continue or such link listed in the Email, just ignore such an invitation.
• Never ever put your personal info in any random pop-ups appears on the screen. Cybercriminals used such greeting text or pop-ups to get your info.
• Install anti phishing software and tools which are also available in browsers for free. These filter will block such phishing text whose record they have. Not completely, but these tools can prevent you from a large number of phishing.

How to find out the best anti phishing software?

No doubt, Company may hide negative points or cons of their product. Before selecting any software for protection from phishing must see anti phishing software review. It will defiantly help you to find the best one. Anyhow, properties which a phishing software have discussed below.
· Detects the sender’s reputation
It builds a list of the trusted sender and ensures their texts and invitations. Adds them is trusted list on the basis of trusted external and internal senders and domains. Moreover, judge their impressions in building repute score. And also monitor their communication habits and show us a picture of the sender.
· Inbox behavior
When communication takes place via texts or emails, such software can monitor and judge each email individually on the basis of links and attachments present in the mail. Furthermore, analysis of the local reputation which helps a user to identify the phishing attacks.
· Scans Links & Attachments
It scans all the URLs or Links present in the mail. Detects them and inform you whether the link is from a trusted source or not. However, they use Antiviruses to make Google browsing quite save. It scans attachment automatically make sure that is safe or not. Alters us if it finds any virus in those files.
· Scam Analysis
Whenever we found any mail contains irrelevant or fake material, we report them. This software analysis such a mail which is being rejected numbers of time. Detecting of such mails is one of the best technique in Anti phishing solutions.
· Automatic spam handling
Whenever we install any new plugin or software there are quite chances of attack of the virus via illegal file or attachment. This manages all those emails and downloads and makes them safe for our systems like Mimecast. And provide us next level of phishing prevention that does not rely on whether the user is online or not.

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