Outdoor digital signage need not be in an obvious out-of-doors location, this is why an outdoor LCD enclosure is sometimes overlooked.

When human beings see they words outside digital signage, the prompt thought that comes to the other persons mind is outdoors in a shopping mall, airport or train station, but occasionally individuals mean other places rather than in the home, one example is in a cave.

Sounds crazy but one successful organization has fitted outside digital advertising in a cave in Spain, this is employed by schools on educational visits and the dynamic advertising is interactive in some parts, showing stick men and dinosaurs. But the real challenge was that general hardware could not deal with the harsh conditions in the cave, the constant damp atmosphere, this slowed the project for some time.

Then they discovered that by putting the outdoor electronic signage into a LCD monitor enclosure everything would be safe and secure.

What makes dynamic signage enclosures the ideal solution is that it is produced from steel and the unit will store a media player or small PC and the LCD or plasma screen. The internal temperature of the TV housing is maintained through a set of cooling and heating units that are thermostatically controlled, providing the gadgets inside the steel case with the defense required from the harsh environment as well as any potential vandalism.

Just one thing to bear in mind if you are thinking of storing an outdoor dynamic signage system in a cave, is that due to the low light levels, you can actually use general LCD and plasma televisions without any loss of quality. This is another good reason why an outdoor electronic marketing solution should be rolled out in caves that are used for education and visitor centres.

The dynamic signage solution can exhibit educational data then interspersed with ads for the souvenir shop or the bistro, it can also be used to communicate information to a school party should someone go missing.

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