There are numerous things I adore about Indian civilization, but upside down, one of my favorite aspects is weddings! Exterior of South Asia, the concept of week-long wedding festivities seems odd, over-the-top, and exhausting. However, for us Indians, these vacations that are long and ancient rituals are just second-nature, allowing for much more valuable time with friends and family while creating memories which we''ll never forget. And if you're like me, weddings are also your chance to dress up in your finest Indian clothes and jewelry. What can I say? It might not be your big day, but that doesn't mean that you can't pull out all the stops!

When planning my looks for the many weddings I'm lucky to attend, I often find myself turning to MATSYA. This Indian clothing brand is a long time favorite of mine, partially because I love how I FEEL--not just look-- in their clothes. The designer, Utkarsh Ahuja, aims to transform every woman who wears his clothing into a modern-day princess. From my personal experience with MATSYA, I can assure you that he delivers exactly what he promises. So what better time to feel royal than at the wedding of one of your nearest and dearest! Let me show you how an outfit from MATSYA is exactly what you need to look amazing at any and every wedding event you have coming up.


Besides the practical benefit of boosting the skin's pre-wedding glow, the Haldi ceremony is all about ensuring the bride and groom are blessed for their marriage with all the best wishes. As such, the haldi is emotional for the families of, both, the bride and the groom, but it's also fun for all the other guests who can't wait to emphasise their piece of haldi on the bunch. Most of us know how messy this occasion can become so it's no surprise that yellow is the colour of choice in a Haldi--it leaves masking any garlic stains on your clothes simple.

I have a yellowish and white kurta and palazzo collection from MATSYA which is ideal for a Haldi. Additionally, the conventional outfit allows for a great deal of experimentation. I revamped the extended kurta by linking my dupatta for a belt. The flowy and shapeless shape instantly took to a more defined shape, shifting it into an entirely different garment. Coupled with lace shoes along with a Valentino tote, this appearance is personalized to my style, but also perfectly in accord with the disposition of the traditional service.

Anytime you're not even feeling the conventional yellow, MATSYA provides a number of different colour selections for you guys to select from!


In case you're near the bride and fortunate enough to snag an invitation to her Mehendi, then keep it festive. This is a completely girly event, therefore it's a perfect chance to test out some gentle pastel colors like mint green or blush pink!

Another appearance I lately uttered I loved has me besotted with all the brand .

I really like this sky blue lehenga using organza weave and Lucknowi gota zardozi work. It's fairly straightforward however the accompanying pastel pink dupatta is certain to create your Mehendi outfit stick out. The angrakha design blouse with flared sleeves makes it an amazing outfit to be worn out for Mehendi. I believe a set of daring drop earrings would complete this look absolutely!

Contemplating that the Sangeet is essentially a part among the wedding, it's definitely a chance to acquire glitz along with glammed! Between endless singing and dance, you know how mad a Sangeet may get, so I urge a exceptional ensemble, unexpected styling, and irregular silhouettes. For me personally, this event brings a stylish, yet timeless lehenga to head.

This elegant gold and gray lehenga is able to look effortlessly lovely on every woman. To highlight the oomph of the Sangeet, elaborate floral embroidery in vivid pink colors with this gold obtained ta patti would not don't make heads turn. Shades of grey for a summer wedding will be the real deal, along with the hints of gold and pink gives it something extra. If you may 't already tell, this outfit from MATSYA is already whimsical and unconventional. By adding a few key accessories you can style the outfit beautifully.


After several festive events, the actual Wedding Ceremony will probably require the most conservative outfit like stylish kurta , there are many kurta design for women which can be quite stylish and help you to rock that reception party of all. Partially because this is the bride's time to shine, but also because the setting of the wedding might mandate it (ie. if the wedding is at a temple you might want to be more subdued than if you were outside or already at the reception venue.) Also, depending on the Ceremony's seating arrangement and length, you may want to dress comfortably. Plus, being comfortable will allow you to focus on the importance of the ceremony... I mean, it's the whole reason you're even at a wedding!

For the recent Wedding Ceremony of one of my friends, I sported a look from MATSYA. An understated golden motif accented my lehenga's muted off-white color, while the Parsi embroidery dupatta added a romantic and elegant touch to the look. The latest collection is even better and has some really unique options that will allow you to stand out but still look classy.


Okay, so I might've said earlier in this post that the Sangeet is a preview of the Reception, but I'm going to amend that and say that receptions can be a bit more formal. Yes, you'll ultimately end up dancing the night away, but before that, there will be speeches, cake cutting, and other more structured moments. The Reception will most likely be the last event of the wedding, so it makes sense there will be some finality to wish the newlyweds well before they begin their new journey together. This season, it's only befitting to continue with the soft, pastel shades. The peaches and lavender options from the collection have amazing detailing which makes the investment totally worth it!Mastya 5

Be honest. . .were you able to make it to the end of this post without checking your calendar to see when your next wedding is? Just the thought of styling Indian clothing makes me so excited and I know I'm eagerly awaiting my next event. I hope these looks from MATSYA gave you some inspiration for the next wedding you'll be attending. And don't worry, I'll hope you get invited to another one shortly!

Have you got a favourite wedding occasion? What do you want to put on to it? Allow me to know in the comments. Furthermore, make certain to inform me about some of your very best wedding outfits. I'm always on the lookout for inspiration!

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