There are so many organizations and companies worldwide that have tried to do b2b lead generation in-house. These organizations have thought that it may be the most beneficial option for their business especially when it comes to overall costs. However, this cost effectiveness can only be seen throughout the first few phases of the whole lead generation campaign. In addition, there are many problems and challenges that these organizations face when they have opted to building an in-house team of sales representatives for their b2b lead generation.

Some of the problems that these organizations experience when they do b2b lead generation in-house are:

• Lack of follow-up on clients
In-house lead generation teams are rarely consistent when it comes to effectively following-up on clients. One of the reasons as to why this happens is because lead generation procedures are not the only thing that these representatives are worrying about. Hence, there are lots of times that these representatives need to sacrifice some, if not a lot of processes within the campaign in order to keep on generating leads for the organization.
• Incorrect or lack of usage of feedback from the market
A very deep understanding of ones target market is needed for an effective campaign for gathering quality b2b leads. In-house lead generation representatives often fail to do the necessary research for the campaign to have optimum results. Feedback from the market is not properly used when representatives have no adequate knowledge and understanding about their prospects.
• Market is incorrectly targeted
Talking to the inexact market means acquiring poor results for the campaign. There are those in-house representatives that put their research to a halt when they are able to find an interested prospect. Most of the time these prospects lead to a dead-end.
• Limited amount of strategies are used
This is proven to be one of the most dreaded problems that in-house lead generation representatives face. Most of these in-house campaigns only rely on one or maybe even a couple of strategies to do b2b lead generation. Since everyone on the in-house team only does the same thing, only few qualified lead emerge from the campaign.
• Putting the campaign on the hands of a junior
One fatal mistake of most in-house representatives do is to put the campaign into the hands of a beginner. Time spent and business opportunities are often lost meaninglessly for the wrong kind of prospect are often generated when choosing a beginner to handle the campaign.

It is proven that outsourcing towards a telemarketing company provides a higher chance of success for the b2b lead generation campaign. There are some campaigns that have been recorded that outsourcing leads to more than forty percent of an increase towards the success rating more than an in-house team of sales representatives.

Some of the reasons as to why these telephone marketing companies provide a higher success rate for the lead generation campaign are:

• Precise client profiling
Telemarketing companies provide a direct line of communication between them and their client's prospects. This gives a more detailed approach when gathering leads for the campaign. In addition, all kinds of inquiries can be answered immediately through this direct line of communication.
• Pinpoint targeting on the desired market
Outsourced experts provide businesses pinpoint accuracy when it comes to finding the correct prospects for the campaign.
• Extensive amount of research
These outsourced representatives holds no bar when it comes to doing research for a client's prospects. This enables an even higher chance of acquiring a business transaction from a client's prospect.

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