Medical review services from an external provider can help streamline the entire medical review process. This article highlights some questions you need to ask your service provider.

You have just found out that medical record review is not your cup of tea. You simply don’t have the time to pore over stacks of medical records that are virtually undecipherable to you. The simple solution to your dilemma is of course outsourcing to an expert. But how to decide whether you are falling into safe hands? This is where you need to think clearly and act wisely so that you reap the benefits of outsourcing and don’t find yourself in a deeper puddle.

The Internet is by and large the best resource to find service providers active in the industry. However, here you have to tread carefully because you need to make sure that they are not offering hollow promises when it comes to actual medical review services.

Am I Signing Up for the Right Medical Record Review Services?

Here are some questions to ask the medical review company you are planning to hire.

  • Do you provide customized services? You must ensure that your provider can offer services tailored to your particular requirements. The medical review firm should ideally provide medical case chronology, medical case history and summary and medical record organization as part of their medical review services.
  • What security measures do you have in place to safeguard my data? Your outsourcing partner must be able to convince you that their security measures are foolproof. You cannot allow any kind of data bleeding.
  • Do you have an expert medical review team? Ideally, the team should comprise physicians, nurses and experienced documentation staff. They should be able to review medical records pertaining to all major medical specialties. Only such a team can provide accurate medical review.
  • Do you offer customized turnaround time? Now this is very important because you cannot afford to have any delay in the review process. The required data must be made available within your required turnaround time.
  • Can I expect competitive pricing with attractive cost savings? Reputable medical record review companies take client requirements into consideration and provide exciting cost savings. This helps them retain loyal and valued clients. Usually, you can expect cost savings in the range of 40%.
  • What QA measures have you implemented? Your medical review company must necessarily have excellent quality assurance measures to ensure 99% accuracy. This will ensure that all documents are accurate and in total compliance with your specifications.
  • Do you have reliable disaster recovery systems? Find out about the disaster recovery systems so that you can rest assured that your data is safe under all challenging circumstances.

Enjoy Streamlined Medical Review Process with the Right Provider

A medical record review firm that has the right blend of technology, professionals and QA standards can be your ideal partner in making the entire review process systematic. Make sure to utilize any free trial offer the company may have to evaluate their service quality, turnaround time and other features. Before you make a final decision read the testimonials of previous clients to get a clear idea of the company’s responsiveness and quality of medical review services.

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