Outsourcing is now an essential part of any business enterprise that wishes to acquire a cutting edge over its competitors and double its profits while reducing costs dramatically. It may have begun as an experiment but it quickly became a popular trend, so much so that today, outsourcing has become undisputed in its powerful ability to actually turn around things for an organisation.

To enhance one's standing in the competitive global market, outsourcing business processes and activities is becoming a more and more attractive option for any business enterprise.

Current Trends

India is the giant of the outsourcing world. A huge and employable work force of highly talented, skilled men and women, outsourcing service providers in India attract potential foreign MNCs like flies to honey. Perhaps nowhere else in the world can US, UK and European companies find such a happy combination of so much talent and cost-effectiveness.

The trend thus far has been pretty straightforward. Think outsourcing to India and the usual image that comes to mind is that of project outsourcing to a freelancer on a short-term, time-bound basis. Or, at the most, a large foreign MNC setting up an offshore outsourcing office here. Well, this was the trend till recently and, in fact, continues to be the dominant one at present. However, there are signs that the entire outsourcing industry may be heading for a major image makeover and move towards the next logical level of growth. There are big things in store for the future of outsourcing to India.

Future Trends

As business equations change and evolve and the best practices are discovered, no doubt outsourcing of non-core businesses will continue to dominate the global market. But outsourcing itself is evolving – it is a fluid zone that adapts and moulds itself to the growing needs of an increasingly global market. So, rather than mere projects being outsourced to freelancers on a short-term basis, industry watchers have predicted that the entire perception of outsourcing will change. In other words, the coming years will witness the emergence of another giant – remote staffing or the virtual employee.

Virtual Employee is the future of the outsourcing business, and specifically the SMEs. Outsourcing to India has only to a small degree catered to the needs of this segment of business enterprises. And this is where the concept of Virtual Employee comes in. In fact, this is the next innovative step in the outsourcing story with the Virtual Employee targeting the middle ground - not the big companies that employee thousands of employees and neither the small projects that are worth only $200. What Virtual Employee has to offer lies somewhere in the middle - providing a supply for the demands of SMEs the world over.

The concept of not just outsourcing a project or two but actually having a dedicated full time talented employee work exclusively for you on a long-term basis will be viewed as an increasingly attractive option. Setting up a full-fledged remote staffing office, which is like an extension of your office is what the long-term goal of outsourcing is going to be. And this is something the SMEs can rejoice about

Remote staffing is the powerful new tool for SMEs

Till recently, SMEs were stuck with freelancers as far outsourcing went. Their resources didn't permit anything fancier than that since an offshore alternative just wasn't a financially feasible option. But now, with the concept of the Virtual Employee slowly but surely gaining strength and credence, SMEs suddenly have the service that they so desperately have needed . Rather than use freelancers whom they can't really control or monitor, they can now happily switch to Virtual Employees. And this is what will be the latest development in the outsourcing industry.

Remote staffing is poised to become the new powerful tool in business outsourcing. Small and medium organisations will likely benefit the most from such a scenario. Remote staffing doesn't just provide an organisation with a low-cost skilled employee. It is an entire offshore outsourcing package. Which means that a company based in far away US, UK or Europe will effectively reduce its stress by having an outsourcing service provider take care of the entire operations of running an offshore office for them. The remote staffing company in India will supervise the employee and manage the daily task of running an office. You, the client, get what you are looking for, which is a dedicated full time who works only for you.

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