An ovarian cyst is found in the ovaries, and it looks like tiny sacs filled with fluid. They are normally harmless. The cysts are formed during the ovulation process. Why are the cysts formed? Well, there are many things behind it. When a patient meets some expert for consultation and Ovarian cyst treatment in Bangalore, the expert diagnoses the fundamental reason by performing diagnostic tests.

The most commonly found reasons are:
• Hormonal imbalance: When there is a hormonal imbalance in the body or the patient has been prescribed drugs to facilitate ovulation; cysts occur. These are called Functional Cysts. They go away without treatment.

• Pregnancy: Yes, during the early pregnancy, ovarian cysts develop to support the pregnancy. They exist until the placenta forms. They go away automatically in the majority of the cases. If some cysts stay in the ovary, then they may need t to be removed.

• Endometriosis: A typical type of ovarian cyst is known as endometrioma. When the endometriosis tissue gets attached to the ovary and starts growing, it becomes a problem. These cysts are very painful during the period of intercourse.

• Pelvic infection: When the infection spreads to the fallopian tubes and ovaries, it causes cysts. While doing ovarian cyst treatment in Bangalore, doctors give priority to control pelvic infection.

Types of ovarian cysts

Diagnosis and treatment depend on what type of cyst it is. The two commonly found cysts are:

• Follicle cysts: When the follicle doesn’t open to release the egg during the menstrual cycle, it continues the grown. Eventually, it becomes a cyst. Usually, there are no symptoms of follicle cysts. Also, they disappear automatically in one to three months.

• Corpus luteum cysts: When the follicle releases the egg by breaking open, it shrinks and converts into a mass of cells. Sometimes, the follicle gets resealed and starts expanding due to the fluid builds up inside. It is called Corpus Cyst.

Are you at the risk of getting ovarian cysts?
Every woman who gets a regular period is vulnerable to develop an ovarian cyst. At least one follicle gets converted into a cyst every month.

However, it remains unnoticed unless there is some problem that causes the formation of multiple cysts.
Statistics say that almost 10 percent of premenopausal women require treatment for large cysts.

If the cysts occur after menopause, then there is a high risk of ovarian cancer. Hence, such cases need a keen diagnosis and ovarian cyst treatment in Bangalore.

Ovarian cyst treatment in Bangalore is provided by many hospitals and gives the best treatment for Ovarian cyst problems faced by women.

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Early symptoms of PCOS may appear right after the menstruation cycle begins. However, they may lead to grave consequences in the grown-up years if not treated. These consequences may appear in various forms such as menstrual irregularity, excessive or no bleeding, infertility, etc. Some other symptoms may be noticed in the form of hirsutism (excessive growth of hair on different body parts), acne, metabolic syndromes, obesity, and other weight relate issues. Its severest form, PCOS can lead to cancer. A V Hospital, Bangalore is largely sensitized to PCOS and has accumulated super-specialty facilities and industry expertise for ovarian cyst treatment in Bangalore. This includes early diagnosis, timely treatment. Surgery may be a likely alternate and in that respect too, A V Hospital is the most dependable place not only in Bangalore but also all over India. Woman’s health is of foremost importance from a family’s perspective and from the national significance.

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