Excuses are driven by fear and negative emotions that keep us from realizing our ambitions. That's why you need Excuse Busters! By learning to control these fears we need not make excuses. Being too busy is not an excuse, nor is not having the money or having the relevant qualification. That’s not to say that you’re not any of these but if you really want something without the fear, there are hurdles that can be overcome. Very simply put successful people and entrepreneurs do not make excuses or accept them. If you do, you’ve already accepted defeat and failure, you’re probably in denial, or what’s worse is you are possibly lying to yourself. You have lost authority because you won’t accept blame and you’re certainly not on the road to fame and fortune.

A start to changing your habit is to write down your excuses you give to yourself on a regular basis. Identify them and this can help you to recognize your pitfalls and fears. Next time a situation arises where you’d usually use one of your excuses, change the statement to a proactive one that makes you take back control of your destiny. Practice this habit and replace all the excuses you make and you’re on the right track. And don’t accept excuses from others either. If you’re not going to crave for humungous successes in the end, why would you tolerate lame responses for lackadaisical behavior?

Moreover, our fear is very often driven by the concern of how others perceive us to be. We spend too much time thinking about others, which we could be utilizing in acting positively towards our goals. That’s not to say we should all become egocentric, selfish megalomaniacs that have no consideration of others whatsoever. It just means stop worrying about what others think and get on, and, do whatever you want to do.

One of the problems is that many of us don’t actually know what we like to do. We end up in jobs that weren’t on our career option lists and get bogged down with the day to day routines. So take time out and schedule yourself some time to think about your likes. What do you enjoy, what makes you happy? Find yourself and when you’ve discovered who you are, you won’t worry about the opinion of others and then just do it. The quicker the better; be quick to act before your fear exaggerates. Don’t dwell on what could go wrong, focus on what could go right.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and author based in Sydney, Australia. She has run her own coaching practice for over 9 years and is a regular contributer to many magazines. Lisa is also an NLP Practitioner.

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