We all know the value of exercise. It is the one thing you can do to minimize the effects of aging. It affects the physiologic, mental and emotional aspects of man. Yet, most of us procrastinate when it comes to working out. People give different reasons for not exercising. Some medical conditions really prohibit them from doing so, but one vital thing that we should look into is our attitude towards exercise. Try to examine yourselves. Be honest. If your excuses seem flimsy, try to see what's holding you back. Following are some of the common excuses for not exercising.

Perhaps the most common excuse is not having enough time. Try to look at your daily activities. Prioritize it and see if there are activities that take too much of your time. Put exercise near the top of your to do list. You can start with three times a week. That way, you will see how it impacts your schedule. Maybe you'll be surprised to see that you actually can make time for it. You see, exercise energizes you. When you are energized, you accomplish your tasks faster. When you realize what exercise can do for you, you'll make it a priority.

People give the excuse of being too tired to exercise. Exercise can actually help you with this. Having a sedentary lifestyle makes circulation sluggish. However, when you exercise, your circulation improves, and oxygen is efficiently delivered to the brain and major organs, making you more energetic. Having regular physical activity revives you. Working out is also known to improve sleep. You will feel invigorated after getting adequate rest at night. If this is your most frequent reason for not exercising, then, you should get over it, given that you now know some of the factual benefits.

Some people are honest to say outright that they hate exercise. Physical activity comes in many forms. Exercise is not confined to just doing squats, and it doesn't have to be done in a gym either. The key is to enjoy the activity that you are engaged in. The best thing is that you can choose your form of exercise. If you enjoy dancing, then enroll in a dance class. If you like to commune with nature, go hiking. You can buy an exercise machine so that you can work out at home. Nowadays, there are many options. And exercise doesn't have to hurt. Perhaps some soreness, but definitely no pain. Gone were the days when no pain, no gain was the bodybuilder's mantra. We should get it out of our heads, too.

Exercise improves quality of life. It minimizes stress, keeps you young and enables you to enjoy life better. Elderly people who regularly exercise are less dependent on long term care too. Making it a priority is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family.

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