Ever since I got my first job on a paper round I was confident in interviews, this lasted right up until I graduated. Until I reached the competitive graduate market I never realised the amount of pitfalls that one could experience in the quest to gain employment in a worth while company. There were entrance tests and assessment, telephone interviews, panel interviews and meeting potential bosses. They all have there skills and are full of pitfalls. After getting rejected for my 7th position, all of which I had got to the interview stage, I started to wonder what I was doing wrong. Clearly I was missing something and I had no idea what it was so I did what I always do with a problem, Google it.

After reading through a couple of website I came across the concept of interview training. I dismissed it at first and then came back round to the idea after a couple of days. What did I have to lose? It cost about £90 and looking back was an excellent investment, I now understand myself and my strengths and weaknesses far better and subsequently secured my next job in the first interview. So what did I get for my money, well first I received a questionnaire which I promptly filled out and returned with a copy of my CV. From that the information was gleamed and I went through a telephone based lesson on the key concepts and psychology of interviews. This was followed by some mock interview training where I was really put on the spot! This Interview coaching really changed my out look and I now see interviews in a different light. I have learnt how to interview the interviewer, how to change my answers to include my qualities and how to leave the interviewer with a good and critically lasting impression of me.

Interview coaching was something that I was very sceptical about but I have complete changed my mind. If you are thinking about it have a good look around and find someone who has the knowledge of your industry, try searching interview training services UK in Google and see what comes up. What ever you decide keep and open mind and don’t be afraid to ask silly questions an interview coach has probably heard them all before, especially if they spoke to me!

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