Trading is an activity that requires concentration and careful consideration. If it is not properly regulated, it has the potential to cause stress which weighs on the mind. To reduce the burden on your mind, start doing stress management with the following steps.

Realize that you are experiencing stress:

When trading, unpredictable market movements, wrong calculations, or feelings of regret at losing the opportunity for good profits can stress you out. To overcome this, you must first realize how much stress is caused by these events.
Does this incident panic you? Feeling anxious, or even making you want to stop trading? Write down all the details in your trading book.

Calm Yourself:

If you have recognized that some trading experience makes you stressed, the next step is to calm yourself down. One way is to stop trading for a moment and do fun activities. Because a calm mind is important to overcome stress.

Discover the Causes of Your Stress:

When your mind has calmed down, start finding out what is causing your stress. Is it true that this is caused by a volatile market situation? Inappropriate analysis technique Or does it originate from the trading decisions that you made recklessly?

Many stress-causing factors that you might experience. By dividing it into separate categories, you will find it easier to find the cause of the stress you feel. Do this until you find all the things that make you worry or uncomfortable when trading.
When it's done, start putting together a new strategy so that your trading experience is more enjoyable.

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