Because of different external factors, people will often experience panic attacks that eventually turn into a panic disorder. Studies would show that out of seventy five people, one individual will experience panic attacks, without even knowing what is going on. It is important for us to know the signs and symptoms of the two so that we could know how we can fight them.

A person experiencing a panic disorder may be someone who has had panic attacks or may have experienced traumatic experiences and often that person will not think about anything else aside from that experience. Being associated with panic attacks, a panic disorder is most of the time caused by repeatedly experiencing panic attacks. If you know someone that possesses the following symptoms, it would be best that you inform that person to see a doctor. If not treated early, the condition could become worse. In severe instances, this problem can even lead to suicide.

A person will most likely experience panic attacks when something they most fear is present in their environment. This may include but may not be limited to:

1. Loss of a very special person in one's life
2. Stress - most of the time is being caused by work overload
3. Accident
4. Surgery
5. Childbirth

Things mentioned above are some of the possible reasons that someone can experience frightening feelings, which may result in panic attacks, which can eventually lead to a panic disorder.

Let's review some of the warning signs and symptoms that may indicate whether you are having panic attacks, and to be able to take proper action to further prevent having a panic disorder.

-heavy sweating
-difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath
-pain, discomfort
-sleepless nights
-disorganized thoughts
-flight of ideas

Most of the time, those who are experiencing this type of condition can be treated by encouraging them to think about the situations that they fear the most, and to deal with the different traumatic conditions and try to understand the reaction to those kinds of situations. Why is this relevant you might ask? Before treating any kind of disorder, we should first know where it really started. Once it has been identified, it would be much easier for experts to determine the root cause of that person's reactions and thus helping to understand why a particular person responds to these types of situations and eventually break the chain of that panic disorder for good.

Aside from proper counseling, medications for a panic disorder may also be given, with a doctor's prescription of course. Most examples would be strong anti-depressants. You cannot just decide on your own what kind of drug to take. Most of them cannot be bought over the counter and may have negative effects that would include depression, hallucinations, and sometimes drug dependency that would sometimes worsen your panic disorder. So being under a doctor's care is vital. Your doctor will be knowledgeable enough to help you overcome everything that you are going through.

Sadly, a panic disorder cannot be cured overnight. This can be a long process. Having effective counseling sessions, will help you overcome that disorder and continue living a normal life with fewer worries. Panic attacks and panic disorder are not dangerous at all, but can be frightening and terrorizing for the people that suffer from these problems.

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