Over the last year, increasing numbers of regular readers of my weekly Ezine have pointed out that, in the current economic environment, it is very difficult to “keep your head” whilst everyone around you is losing theirs. (I should point out that they’re grateful to me for the weekly opportunity to pull themselves together!) In other words, it can be very difficult, when faced with the reality of losing your job, losing your life savings or losing your home, to believe that simply changing your mind will change your life. Surely, there’s simply too much evidence around us at the present time that laughs in the face of such an outrageous proposition.

Let’s pause for a moment – from all the fear and hysteria that’s currently doing the rounds – to consider some important proven scientific facts. First of all, so-called “normal” people (Harvard reckons that’s 96% of us) are mad. The normal person uses 1% of their mental energy to focus on what they are actually supposed to be doing in the present moment. That’s very bad news for anybody who wants anything out of life – because the present moment is the only time and place we have – ever heard the expression that “there’s no time like the present!”? However, for the normal person, the vast majority of their mental energy is focused, subconsciously, on the long-gone past – their formative years. Unfortunately, this out of date information currently colours their view of themselves, the world and, as a consequence, creates their “reality”.

Secondly, years of research proves that normal people only perceive what they expect to perceive and only experience what they expect to experience. On the basis that their expectations were cast in stone during those formative years that their subconscious mind is obsessed with, it is true to say that normal people’s expectations are very low indeed. In fact, research indicates that the latent adult state of mind is negative. In addition, modern quantum physics provides us with evidence that energy – the energy of the entire universe – is responsive to our energy (that’s how “what goes around comes around” and, indeed, how “you reap what you sow”). However, unfortunately, if the normal person focuses no more than 1% of their energy in where the universe is – the here and now – little response is achieved.

Thirdly, our ability to achieve success and happiness is directly related to our ability to focus, or, to put it in its simplest terms, to pay attention. This is important because, even though we normally only pay 1% attention, research proves that we can very easily re-learn to pay far more attention than the norm. I say “re-learn” because, as children, we were all experts in paying attention. When we got a new toy, we attended to it with all our five senses – we shook it, listened to it, licked it, stuck it in places it wasn’t meant to be stuck – we were engrossed. And we need to learn how to engross ourselves all over again. If we do, neuro-psychology proves that we will give ourselves the kind of natural high that will not just give us a feel-good boost, but will enable us direct our energy on two important fronts. First of all, learning to engross yourself will enable you to be more present, effective and productive in the here and now – this, more than anything else, is the cornerstone of success and happiness. Also, however, you will be able to direct your mind towards achieving the things in life that your heart desires. Many top achievers in sport, business and entertainment “set their minds” to believe they already have an outcome which has yet to happen – this is done by writing down what it would feel like to have what you want as if you have it already.

What we’re talking about here are scientific facts – no particular “spin” has been put on them. Put simply, they prove conclusively that if you harness your mental energy and direct it into the here and now and the goals your heart desires, your life will change. I’ve mentioned that many leading business, sports and entertainment people (whose names you would readily know) understand and use at least some of this knowledge. That is why you would readily know their names – they are abnormal. Indeed, these scientific facts explain why there’s so much fear around, so much worry, so much financial and economic devastation – because that is the direction in which the normal mind invests its energy – the universe is simply creating what the majority of people expect.

In other words, the only reason that it might seems ridiculous to suggest that you can have the life you want, effortlessly, when you fear the loss of your current financial security is that enough so-called normal people believe that it is ridiculous. You need to stop being normal. You need to start using your mind for your own benefit – you need to stop letting your own mind abuse you. You need to engross yourself in the here and now – whatever that here and now is – and set your mind to achieve what you really want out of life.

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Willie Horton, an Irish ex-accountant and ex-banker who has been working as a success coach to business leaders and sports people since 1996, has been living his dream in the French Alps since 2002. Each week his free weekly Self-Help video seminar is received by thousands of people around the world. Each week many start his Online Personal Development Self Help Workshop, his clients say that it's life-changing. More info: http://www.gurdy.net