Self doubt can be a dream killer that keeps you from becoming successful at whatever you may pursue! This feeling can give you a total lack of confidence making it very difficult or even impossible to focus your efforts and maximize your own potential! In many cases people are so frozen by their own doubts and fears that won't even make the effort while in others, efforts are neutralized due to the negativity! The best way to overcome this counterproductive feeling is to first identify the source so that it can be properly addressed and banished from your life! Here are 3 common reasons many develop a lack of confidence in their own actions or goals and as you'll see how they can be easily overcome!

Lack of Results

It is completely natural for anyone when taking on a new endeavor to go through stages of frustration and disappointment! Remember however that these are new challenges and there will be skills to master and much to learn so expect this and be prepared to deal with it! Many tend to let their frustrations get the best of them and this soon evolves, or digresses, into a lack of confidence since they aren't seeing any positive results! Understand that becoming successful at anything new will take time, patience and a willingness to learn. To maintain unrealistic expectations will only serve frustrate you more quickly and compel you to give up and quit!

Lack of Support

Within our circle of family and friends there are always those who cast doubt on anything with which they're unfamiliar! Your own circle will likely be no different but be very aware of how their feelings affect your thinking! Allowing the negative feelings of others to influence your thoughts will only serve to make your own efforts counterproductive since typically only positive thoughts promote positive results! Remember these people don't fully understand what you're doing and it is only human nature to doubt what we don't know! Keep them as friends and family of course but don't rely upon their feedback in terms of becoming successful since it will only hold you back!

Lack of Skills

Skills are skills and can always be acquired if the willingness is there but don't allow a lack of them keep you from becoming successful! When entering into anything new or even mastering new skills there will always be a lack of confidence, but never let this keep you from moving forward! Our entire life is one big learning curve starting with learning to talk, walk, read, write and the list goes on and on! If you allow a lack of skills to hold you back than apparently the problem is motivation since we're all capable of learning anything new!

Self doubt can originate from within or even outside a person but in both cases its effects can keep you from becoming successful at whatever you do! Having a lack of confidence in either your purpose or efforts in most cases will be counterproductive to any actions you take! Doubting yourself in any way keeps you from investing yourself totally and thereby keeps you from achieving objectives or goals! 3 very common reasons people encounter that lead to instilling this lack of confidence are discussed above as well as how to overcome their negative effects! Doubting yourself or your purpose can absolutely sabotage efforts and make it difficult to succeed! On the other hand however identifying the origins of these doubts allows you to take measures to avoid or even overcome them!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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