In order to increase your sales online it is important to overcome any resistance a customer may have towards making a purchase. Being it is impractical to address these concerns on an individual basis it seems targeting the most common factors is the best approach. It appears the typical buying process initiates the fear of change in many who quite naturally are more comfortable with the status quo. Whether change is for the better or not consumer buying behavior seems more concerned with the fear of the unknown than with spending money. Learning how to write persuasive sales copy to overcome this fear starts with acknowledging a person's current comfort with the status quo. From this point the sales copy should then systematically and in a logical fashion address why change is the best option. It seems that introducing the notion of change is what triggers the reluctance to make the purchase and therefore makes people uncomfortable with the buying process.

Here is a simple 3 step process that will help address and eliminate consumer buying behavior that fears change more than spending money.

Acknowledge Consumer Reluctance to Change

For most people their reluctance to change due to being creatures of current habits is a subconscious state that needs to be brought to their attention. Even though the current situation or conditions are undesirable most people find comfort in the familiarity of their situation. Introducing change also introduces the 'unknown' and many are very uncomfortable with not knowing exactly what to expect even if change is for the better. This 'state of mind' needs to be acknowledged so that people can more openly consider the change they need to make and why they may be hesitant to make this change.

Identify the Need for Change

Addressing what it will cost people in terms of money, inconvenience, bad health or heartache if they do not make a change is the next step. This is where sales copy reminds people as to why they have an interest in what you are promoting in the first place. By pointing out that the current 'undesirable' conditions will continue unless changes are made helps people recognize they must take action. You are simply moving them further along in the buying process and helping them feel more comfortable with making a purchase.

Identify the Benefits You Offer

Once you have people more comfortable with making a change/purchase you then offer your 'solution' to their problem/situation. By identifying the benefits of what you are offering and how they will address the 'needs' of the reader you have now created a 'need' for your product.

People now know they must make a change and that you have the solution so the last step is to simply make the ordering process easy and quick!

One sure way to increase your sales online is to help a buyer overcome any fears or doubts they may have about making a purchase. Being that the notion of change is a significant fear held by many and commonly associated with any product purchase it stands to reason it needs to be addressed. The simple 3 step process suggested above demonstrates how to write persuasive copy that helps to address and eliminate the fear of 'change' in a persons mind. By doing so your customers can than more fully understand and appreciate the benefits of the products and/or services you are offering.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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