1)Dualities of the World:
One must be tolerant in the face of dualities of the world. Whether we are rich or poor, literate or illiterate, CEO or simple worker, or live in shanties or high rises, we are bound to the shackles of old age, disease and death. The body will get sick and die but the soul is beyond birth and death. We have to learn to love God and realize the eternal relationship between the soul and Him before death. To the degree , we understand this, we can face any of the these impediments and see them as an opportunity

2)Real Solution
People’s minds are becoming so much disturbed individually and collectively that there are different kinds of madness, massive wars and diseases. After all, it is a hard world. It is like the whole existence has been programmed in a way that every moment there are some obstacles which are quashing our faith in God.So, all we do is talk about problems and not real solutions. Real solution is to transcend through the miserable conditions of life in the world by making best use of it. Current affairs, gossip, sensational news doesn’t give us sense to respect all living beings nor help us find solutions nor make us level-headed. But due to lack of knowledge, in name of solving problems, we are creating bigger challenges for ourselves. Srimad Bhagavatam explains – material solutions to the problems of the world create a problem worse than the original problem and then the problem keeps getting bigger and bigger. We have to identify the problem and deal it with positive alternatives of spiritual life.

3) Overcoming difficulties:
We are living in times of great uncertainty. We do not know what will happen tomorrow. But one thing is sure that if we establish our connection with the Lord, it makes us eternally self-satisfied and fearless.We take petty things seriously in the absence of our connection towards the great. For example, if we have two bills, one of two dollars and the other of a dollar and fifty cents; losing the bill of a dollar and fifty cents is a big problem for us because it is almost everything we have. But if we have 100 million dollars, do we take that dollar & fifty cents seriously? Similarly, because we are spiritually bankrupt every little thing disturbs us so much.

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Radhanath Swami learned from many but accepted one guru. Radhanath Swami’s surrender and service to his spiritual master is a great source of inspiration to all his followers. Radhanath Swami’s lectures, kirtans, and yatras sustain the spiritual lives of many. Radhanath Swami’s explanation of complex topics of scriptures and the insight that he provides into apparently confusing philosophical topics is amazing