I often meet business owners I think could offer incredible value through the publication of a book. When I ask if they had ever considered writing one, you'd think I was telling a joke.

“Who would read a book I wrote?” They think that because they are not famous or because they don't have initals after thier name, that no one would want to hear what they have to say. You might say they feel like a small fish in a big pond.

If you can relate to these feelings, let me help you eliminate your fear of authorship. The person who wants to read your book is: Your prospective client!

Here are two tips to make your book a great one for that soon-to-be client.

Think of the right audience

One of the biggest mistakes my clients make is that they mix up their audience. They think that the book they write needs to be appreciated by their peers. Even I would be intimidated thinking I needed to write something for my peers. Your book would use too much jargon for your client if you wrote it to your peers and your topic would go so deep it would probably confuse your prospective client.

When you write a book that attracts clients, you use easier language that your clients can understand. Compared to writing to your peers, your concepts will only skim the surface. Your clients see you as the expert and the questions they have are not at all interesting to your peers. The answers to those questions can be a guiding factor for your book and the answer to another question I get from my own potential clients.

Selecting Your content

Another response I get when I suggest someone write a book is “What would I even write about?” If you are a business owner with clients, then you have a great book in you. A great client-attracting book answers the same questions people ask you over and over. These are the questions that you answer so often that you could really just turn on a tape recorder (or mp3) ?

Each one of those answers is a potential chapter in your book. Now, when a potential client thumbs through your table of contents, they are going to see that you, the author, have the answers to their most pressing questions.

Get over your fear and write a client attracting book today. If you need ideas on types of books, visit https://done4umedia.leadpages.net/letsfindyourbook/

Author's Bio: 

Brenda Trott, M.Ed is the author of over 30 books and the host of The Pajama Party Profits show. She is on a mission to make more business owners authors of clieint attracting books.