Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Anxiety is a physiological and psychological state that illustrates behavioral, cognitive, somatic and emotional components. It is known as a displeasing emotion of concern and fear. Moreover, anxiety is considered as a general word used to describe numerous disorders causing fear, worry, apprehension, and nervousness. Anxiety actually affects how you behave and feel. It manifests actual physical symptoms. On the other hand, mild anxiety is generally unsettling and vague whereas severe anxiety is extremely paralyzing and debilitating causing significant impact on your life. There are different kinds of anxiety and one of this is the public speaking anxiety.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Public Speaking Anxiety: The Feeling of Fear

People always experience the feeling of fear or being troubled before facing something that is challenging such as an examination, interview, test, and recital. Actually, these feelings are normal and can be easily justified. Anxiety is normal. It will become a problem if it interferes in your normal and regular daily activities. One of the most common symptoms of ineffective anxiety is the inability to sleep. If you can't continue life dealing with the public, you might suffer from a public speaking anxiety.

Public speaking anxiety is commonly termed as stage fright or speech anxiety. Public speaking anxiety involves the feeling of fear to be evaluated or scrutinized by other people. The feeling of fear is always coming with several emotional and physical reactions that usually hinder the person's capability to deliver his presentation or speech successfully. Additional symptoms include an extreme feeling of anxiety, sweating, worry, shaking or trembling, nervousness, dizziness and fainting.

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What Is Glossophobia?

In medical terminologies, public speaking anxiety is referred to as "glossophobia." It is a very common reported type of social fears. It is actually normal that you will experience nervousness during your presentation or speech. However, in the case of a person with a Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), your feeling of anxiety during public speaking will take out and control your life. You will worry too much a few weeks to months before the date of your speech or presentation. On the day of the presentation, you will suffer from intense physical symptoms of anxiety such as pounding heart, blushing, inability to breathe, and quivering voice. These symptoms result from the flight or fight response of your body. There is a sudden release of adrenaline that prepares you for a sudden threat of danger. At this moment, you will experience loss of body control.

Short-Term Treatments of Glossophobia

If this condition interferes in your life, it can be diagnosed as under the category of SAD. Fortunately, fear of public speaking can be managed easily. Short-term treatment includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and systematic desensitization. On the other hand, if you have a public speaking anxiety that causes you to experience significant distress, you need to ask a doctor for possible referrals to a psychologist. In addition to numerous traditional techniques in treating anxiety, there are so many effective strategies for you to use. You need to overcome speech anxiety for you to become a better public speaker. Without using traditional treatment, the symptoms of anxiety will not disappear on its own.

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You may have thought of your anxiety attack problem as a nightmare for it makes your life uncomfortable. It gets into your daily activities and it gives you constant worries. There is still hope though; as several treatments could be utilized to remove this problem out of your system. These treatments even guarantee you of total healing.

Few companies have introduced medications for anxiety attacks but it does not give you a hundred percent healing. Moreover, they just give you additional concerns for some of them usually have side effects.

Anxiety attack having defined as something that roots from an unbalanced nervous system is caused by poor habits like: poor sleep, poor diet and too much of anything harmful like alcohol. All of these factors when done frequently sum up to an unhealthy lifestyle.

If we will admit that we are the ones to blame for our own anxiety attack problem, then we could start planning to free ourselves from it. One must also remember that the plan you are about to do requires commitment. For no matter how comprehensive your plan is if you are not serious in implementing it. It will all be worthless.

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Take these suggestions for a comprehensive strategy against anxiety for example:

-Cognitive brain training

-Proper diet

-Good sleep

-Regular exercise

-Relaxation techniques

All of the things listed above are some of the most powerful strategy that should be included in your plan.

In addition, you must start watching your own diet. You may ask why, well simply because the food and the substances that we take in are one of the major factors that trigger anxiety attack. Alcohol and caffeine are just two of those factors. It is fine to have them once in a while but an excessive amount of these two is totally discouraged. Plenty of fruits and water is much better because they help supply neurotransmitters that are needed by our brain and nervous system.

On the other hand, exercise and good sleep are also equally vital to the whole plan. If exercise bothers you, don't worry that much. You can actually try simple forms of exercises as long as you are working your body out. They also contribute towards repairing your nerves. Sleep is self-explanatory because it is really needed by the body. But sleep is different with a good sleep. A good sleep is way better than just sleep. Thus, you must consider giving yourself enough rest when you are going to bed. For you to achieve that, a good sleeping environment and a regular sleep pattern are one of the things to consider.

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How to cure anxiety is one question a lot of people need to know. Those who are feeling anxiety problems for the first time need to be aware of the natural ways, or self help mechanisms as the best, and always recommended, way in curing anxiety. People who are around someone suffering from anxiety are also advised to learn these as these will help them help the patients.

Self help can be done as early as one's anxiety starts. Anxiety usually begins to be noticed with stress and worry.

As self help, indeed it is important to identify the causes of anxiety. It can be a couple of causes, or a combination of a lot. Self help is suggested in any stage. The following are generalized examples in how to cure anxiety.

o How to cure anxiety may be hard and indeed the first step is to clear up your mind. In some cases, say for example a big problem caused one to worry and thus get stressed because of this one thing that can be done is acceptance. Do you know why a lot of broken hearted people are prone to anxiety? Do you also know why there are people who almost lose their sanity because of this? They already know the situation, and yet they can't accept it. In general, accepting the situation where you don't have control over and believing that you will eventually get over it actually helps.

o Get out of your routine. Why does this help? This will help you think less about the cause or causes of your anxiety. A routine will make it hard for one to concentrate on strengthening one's mind. Going out with people you trust the most and trying out new things will also help you enjoy yourself, get your mind off the cause or causes of your anxiety.

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The two suggestions above may seem to be contradicting against each other. First, it was mentioned that it will be best if you learn to accept the situation or fact presented before you, that very same situation or fact that caused you to experience anxiety. Then, it was also recommended that one is to think less about the cause or causes. These do not contradict each other; these are recommended to be done in the suggested sequence. Why? It is simply because if done in reverse order, acceptance will still be experienced along with pain or some sort of suffering.

While if done in the suggested sequence, whatever kind of suffering is lessened as one remembers the cause or causes while in the second phase.

The very important thing is mental strength, which can make it a little hard for the patients at the beginning. However, as one begins to strengthen his or her mind, and convinces his or herself that he or she will be able to cope from anxiety, he or she will also be able to continue becoming stronger a little more each and every day. This is why those who are around the patients, family and friends, are advised to know some of these mechanisms as they are encouraged to become an inspiration.

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• A powerful way to eliminate panic attacks is by choosing to respond instead of reacting. By responding, you are connecting to the panic attack. You are allowing yourself to embrace the feeling of fear and anxiety. Responding to panic attacks will create a more positive feeling in you; you will be more hopeful and optimistic.

• Belief can be powerful force that will erase all fears, doubts, and depression. Believe in yourself, and think positively about it. I want you to be completely positive about the outcome of your situation. I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself completely free and healed from the panic attacks you are experiencing.

• Since anxiety and fear can be considered as a form of danger or threat, then our body's natural response is to either fight the anxiety off or to flee from it. Now it is important to note that the main purpose of these two responses is to keep the body perfectly safe and sane.

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• The ancient warriors from China have practiced the art of thinking blank in order to think clearly. I will share you a tip to cure panic and anxiety. Begin to think blank and discard away those things that are causing you anxiety, like the tons of work to do in the office or the meeting with your boss. Forget these things as for the moment. Relax.

• Confidence is the motivation that will fuel you to take action and to finish it all the way. Thus, having confidence as you deal with panic attacks will make you more motivated and inspired to take action in order to win the battle against anxiety and fear. So believe in yourself and know that you can do it.

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