Did You know that You have the power to overcome fear by using your psychic skills? Well, You do. By tapping into the unseen powers around and within, You can leave yourself feeling relaxed, empowered and ready to face what comes.

First of all, the root of many fears stems from worry about the future. We lose our center thinking about situations out of our control. For example, being afraid the plane will crash, a tornado will strike, or our loved ones won’t arrive safely. We take ourselves out of alignment with our Higher Selves when we fear things won’t work out the way we want them to. We start focusing on the worst case scenario and drain our energy. All the what ifs start to hold us in a state of fear.

Remember that when faced with actual bodily harm You can trust yourself to know what to do in a scary situation when it’s right in front of You. What I’m talking about here is how to feel better in the now. You have the psychic power to release the fears holding you back and leave yourself feeling calm, centered, peaceful and confident in the now.

Here are some ideas that can help You with overcoming fears.

•Trust All is Well and everything is in Divine Order. Allow yourself to know in your heart and mind that whatever comes your way, You are OK.
•See and feel yourself succeeding. You can project your consciousness into the future and notice what it’s like to have lived past the event that had You feeling scared. Allowing yourself to feel in the now that You made it through the hard time and you’ve thrived.
•Take time to mediate and allow yourself to be grounded with the earth energy and connected with the cosmic energy. This will keep You in the now. In the now is where your personal power rests.
•Ask your guides or angels for help. Archangel Michael’s expertise is in removing fears.
•Remember the law of attraction says whatever You give your attention to goes stronger. Figure out what it is You want to happen and focus on that. Or just pay attention to things in your now that you appreciate, things that make You feel good.
What if You try a bunch of techniques and You still feel afraid? Try playing the even if… game. This tool has You project yourself into your fear and You see and know you’ll be ok no matter what. Even if (fill in the blank) happens, I know I’ll be ok.

I’ve found the even if tool helpful for overcoming my own personal fears. For example, the fear of dying while my children are young. Even if I die while they are young, I know they will be ok. Another example, worry about getting in a car accident. Even if I get into a car accident, I know I’ll be ok.

Just by using the even if… tool I was able to stop focusing about what I didn’t want, because I was able to feel in my body, heart and mind that I am ok and would be ok no matter what.

Underlying a lot of fears is the fear of dying. If You are attracted to this site, You most likely have awareness of yourself as an eternal and spiritual being. If You see death as a transition to a different realm, then there isn’t really much to fear.

Psychic Potentials offers tools in our programs and products that help overcome fears if you’d like to find out about more ways to live powerfully in your center.

Author's Bio: 

Using the principles taught at Psychic Potentials Christy DeArment Martin has increased her innate psychic abilities, released fears, gained extreme clarity and serenity, and lives successfully. Christy is a catalyst in other’s attaining their desires as well.
Christy became aware of her psychic abilities as a child. She knew she was a Light-worker from a young age and was very aware of the energy around her. Christy DeArment Martin became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2000 which greatly enhanced her innate psychic abilities.
She is a self taught tarot reader and has been giving psychic readings for over 20 years. Christy’s uplifting and expansive reading style leaves the reader with clear insight and a sense of direction.
Christy DeArment Martin is co-founder of Psychic Potentials, located in Colorado. Psychic Potentials offers new and full moon readings, psychic development products and classes, and personal psychic readings.
Watch for the next New or Full Moon reading on Psychic Potentials to assist You in navigating the ever changing situations of life powerfully.