James walks to his little shop happy as always greeting almost everyone he met on his way. James is always a wonder to admire. Despite all his predicaments, he still makes his business profitable.

After 10years in marriage, James lost his lovely wife Ammy. Leaving behind an eight year old son with him. This was a big shock for him, but still decided not to allow it to hold him down.

So after some few months at home mourning his wife he resumed back to work.His son became his greatest joy. Watching him becoming more profound with his book made him a proud father of an inteligent child.Although he was an illitrate, he devoted his life to making his son better off. He devouted more time to his job.While other people's business was crawlling. His own business was soaring. Ensuring that his son's education was well tended to.

Then one day a great reccession struck, the news started spreading all over, many shops started closing down, many laid of. But James can not pick the news, he was not affected.

Despite the whole market down turn his business was making more sales, competition was less because some were quiting.James find it difficult to understand why all this was happening, why many were closing down their shops when market is good.

Soon his son was home one holiday period from his university. He started telling his father about the great reccession that the country was in and how that was affecting businesses in the state.

Why was he unable to know about all this? Because he is also deaf and can not read even the newspaper.

Gradually James started noticing all the bad happenings aroud. He reduced his production, devoted less time to his job has he used to be. Then his sales started dropping off has expected. He spent even less.This led to the closing down of five of his six shops.

If you really want to become successful, stop watching news at night on TV. This is just because everything on the news is negative and fills you up with thesame brand of negativity.While on the other hand, you can only become a success only if you can operate in the spirit of abundance,of gratitude and of positivity. Be positive today.

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Joy is well experienced motivational speaker and success coach. He is the founder of Jacey Ally Integrated Services, a company devoted to making life easir for all! www.successtricks.com.

He also the founder of inspire fm radio.