Every issue we have in life comes down to four areas we may feel we are lacking in and they are: whether we experience love or fear; having feelings of significance or insignificance in life's situations; having feelings of security or insecurity; and about our belief structures or unhealthy control patterns. In the above stated feelings of lack, please think about a past experience which you regret in relation to the above areas. What possible benefit is there for you in holding onto any of these past feelings?

It is not all our fault! When we were a child under eight years old, we observed the behaviors of adults and mimicked them. We asked many questions as a child because we did not understand why we were supposed to do things in a certain way. That adult mindset we encountered as a child upset our natural way of learning. We absorbed all the habit behaviors of those who cared for us. As we started to formulate more understanding and comprehension after eight years old by going to school, we had to learn "what" to think instead of our natural and unique mindset of being creative and being in the present. We learned a lot of things that we thought would make us successful and to fit into the crowd.

If we did not continue to think and learn the way others expected us to be, we then realized we would be judged and possibly pushed out of a group we wanted to belong to. Some things like being a good citizen and obey laws are good things. However, the feelings of shame, judgement onto others, resistance, jealousy, and other negative type issues, we lose our choice to decide for ourselves what the best direction would be for our life's goals. When we resist the "herd" mentality and to think differently, we find our ego will resist that change and it will try to take over your freedom to think as you did as a child. Your ego lives in the past and does not like change and will put up roadblocks to your natural mindset of success that we put away long ago.

If you want to be more productive and wealthy in whatever that means to you, you may need to wipe away the junk out of your mind so you can go towards your desires and put in its place another unique success mindset like you used when you learned to walk. Remember back when your parents saw you take your first step and how they reacted with joy. They knew they could not teach you all the movements it takes to walk. And once you did learn to walk, we did not have the adult fears of when we fell that we would get hurt. We just knew we had freedom to move about and to discover. Once our caretakers wanted to "protect" us by restricting our movements because they thought we might get hurt, etc., we learned their fearful nature and we felt controlled from exploring the small world we lived in. We continued to resist their fears until we learned for ourselves that when we fell and got hurt that we developed a sense that we should not do that particular activity again. This is just a simple example of how our ego learns to keep us safe from the past lessons we unconsciously learned from our caretakers and it may be time to get past the ego and to try to advance our minds to new goals and desires.

Do you want to let go of the past and stop living with regret from all the conditioning we had from the time we were eight and older? That can be accomplished by tossing away your resentments and regrets of your past which will increase your energy levels by at least 20 percent or more once you get past your ego driven state to "accepting what is" in the present state of being.

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Debra A. Bartz, M.S., AADP Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Master Transformational Life Coach and Hormone Trained Specialist. Transforming lives from nutritionally deprived into a body bursting with energy and believing that there is a purpose for each one of us to make a difference in our lives and others. Transform your stressed, tired and worn out body parts to those of a twenty year old. Please go to www.learnconquersoarcoaching.com and sign up for more blogs and newsletters. After signing up, you will receive a free gift towards your better life! This article was originally published at https://debbartz82.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/overcoming-your-saboteur/ and has been syndicated with permission.