Charlotte takes for granted him superior speed without counting on a South American hunting weapon.

Lesbian romance books never told this story. Charlotte was in a pensive mood as she left the house with a cheery good bye to Marie, her aunt was away teaching at a local school where the head had succumbed to a local so-called Tummy Bug. More like too much gin Charlotte thought. It was a well-known weakness with some of the local white residents who had not really settled into the African way of life and heat.

She was thinking back on how Suzi had managed to get her revenge twice now, for the Tea Room. First at the beach, with those nasty little girls and boys, then again with her friend Vanessa to top it all. Yes, she was definitely ahead of Charlotte in terms of controlled situations. Charlotte did not begrudge Suzi being one step at least ahead, her friendship was too important and any way they both enjoyed the reversal of roles. There was, she supposed a form of what others might call, an element of puppy love between them. But both of them knew it was not as superficial as that.

They had had long discussions into the early hours about almost everything from the people they knew to what they wanted to do and see in life, on most areas they agreed, but where they differed the arguments would go on forever.
Always with a good deal of emotion, and often lacking any real sense of logic; but that they in the end respected each other’s opinion was what mattered.

Charlotte turned left down the dusty road that passed by her house, after a mile or so it would lead to a group of houses clustered near the local police station, where there was a small general store run by an Indian family; they all seemed to be involved, even down to the youngest girl of only seven years.

The sun was hot again today, no clouds, Charlotte was pleased that apart from the broad brimmed floppy hat that she always wore outside, she had decided to put on her lightest summer frock that came half way down to her knees, it was one of her favourites, pale blue with forget-me-nots around the waist, just a simple row of buttons down the front from the neck that also had the same flowers encircling her throat. No bra, just a pair of loose panties that let the air circulate up her thighs and around her front and back. She hated tight panties in the hot weather, these were almost a size too large but gave the space the heat required to keep cool. Charlotte decided to get an ice lolly from the shop on her aunt’s tab as a reward for the walk.

As she came over the brow of the hill there was the red corrugated iron roof of the general sore with the seven houses scattered in no regular pattern, further out and isolated was the police station, and even further a garage with a sprinkling of cars, most just the body rusting away.
There was bustling activity around the little, what in England would have been called a hamlet.

She entered the store, it was incredibly hot and full of people, most of them just talking, many drinking canned beer or cola. While queuing for her orange ice she noticed a group of older school children noisily choosing from a large display of pick and mix; to her total shock she saw Toni, the girl that had been in the group following her and Suzi on the beach.
Their eyes met. Toni then turned to her friends and pointed at Charlotte giggling, it took little imagination to guess what they were discussing. Charlotte hastily paid, hurrying out of the store and back up the hill, at the top she looked back to see a group of four running up the hill.

Charlotte turned and ran, feeling quietly confident that she could out run most of her age, as she regularly won the races they held in her small school. Pleased with her progress she saw that they were now further back, turning on her heel she walked away confident that if they got too close she could easily out distance them. This seemed more like a lesbian fantasy novel than a lesbian romance novel.

Teasing them by letting them get within thirty or even twenty yards, she was confident of covering the last half mile safely to home. On turning round for what was to be for the last time she noticed Toni swinging what Charlotte took to be a skipping rope around her head. Letting it go it swung in lazy circles towards Charlotte, too late she recognised that the strange rope that Toni been swinging. Charlotte remembered from the lesson that her aunt had given her about the gauchos in South America. It was a Bolas, or more correctly a Boleadora, a three-weighted rope thrown to entangle prey. As fast as it dawned on Charlotte what was happening the weighted rope rapped itself tightly round he knees bringing her painfully to the ground. Gasping from the shock she tried ineffectually to undo the tight bonds. This never happened in her lesbian romance novels nor in the lesbian fantasy novels.

Whooping Toni was the first to arrive. Charlotte lay sprawled on her side, with her dress caught up under her shoulders. “Look girls we have caught us the naughty girlie I was telling you all about; and just get an eyeful of that body.” Bending down Toni patted Charlotte’s back, then placing her hand on the exposed thigh ran her up and under the loose hem of Charlotte’s panties giving her hand access to the smooth skin of her tight bum which she pinched twice very hard.

Charlotte squealed from the painful pinches, not what she had read in her Charlotte squealed from the painful pinches, not what she had read in her lesbian romance books.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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Ashok Saraswat is an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.