OVERPINS; a new european Shop for enamel pins:

OverPins is a young online shop where you can buy cool enamel pins. With a cheap or even free delivery, we want to create a large selection which is continuously expanding. We are also planning to sell exclusive collections from designers from all over the world. Mainly operating in Europe, our online shop is a good platform for everyone who is looking for enamel pins that fit perfectly to your backpack, jacket, collar, or pinboard - anywhere you want to show off your collection.

We strive to have the best place where people can shop pins in an online store where every type of enamel pins is covered.

Currently we have more than 100 different pins you can choose for.

We are looking for designers!
Your designs can be sold on our market as single pins or even as a whole collection!

We are constantly seeking for new designs for our pins to assure that our customers have a large variety to choose from.

Our pins are currently produced based on existing designs aswell from exclusive designs. We want to expand the assortment of exclusive designs to make our page even more unique.

Therefore we are looking for creative artists who can deliver original designs, which we can then produce and bring these pins to our market. If you are a freelancer or just a hobby designer, you can contact us via email "artists@overpins.com", to discuss the conditions and the compensation.

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