Overthinking sometimes disappoints us in different ways. This didn't let us start a new thing by making us think that something will go bad and what people will think about us.

During Your teenage, You often have a crush on someone. you must have liked that person a lot. Always thinking about that person, want to talk, meet, and share your feelings. But you might be not able to open yourself in front of that individual.

Or during your job when you need leave, you may didn't ask for this to boss thinking that, he will get angry and even fire me. You didn't ask, and this fear settles up in your mind forever.

Generally, this happened to all of us. Because of not taking any initiative towards making a good bond is nothing but, "OVERTHINKING". You might have thought to talk to him/her but you didn't ever, because of thinking like:

What will he/she think of you?
What if he/She insulted you in front of all others?
Will he/she really to me?
What will I say to him/her?
What if he/she denies to talk to me forever and hate me?

All because of this kind of overthinking we never start anything and regret whole life. overthinking causes difficulties in our life to initiate anything. Because of overthinking we live in some kind of fear our whole life.

What is Overthinking?
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Everybody has worries from time to time and situation to situation. So, when do these worries take shape of overthinking? For this, we first need to know what is overthinking?

Overthinking is the same as its name suggests- thinking too much. thinking over time to time on the same thing and thoughts is considered as overthinking. Overthinking can be a result of your upbringing or your environmental tough situation where you have to live.

When you think too much, instead fo acting and doing things, you are overthinking. When you analyze, comment, take notes, give your decision, and repeating the same thoughts again and again, you are overthinking.

The kind of thinking which generates a negative impact in your life wastes your time and energy and prevents you from acting, doing new things, and making progress in your life is overthinking.

Is Overthinking Bad?

The validity of goodness or being bad of overthinking can't be defined. this varies from person to person and from time to time. This can be possible that whatever thinking is good for me is not really good for someone else.

You must listen to someone saying, "Overthinking is bad". But why overthinking is bad?

It is bad or good depends on what and how your thought process is working while you are overthinking on anything. Your thought process is the only thing that will make overthinking as "good" or "bad".

Overthinking in a positive way:

If you overthink about anything in a constructive way than this good and will create a positive effect on your life. Thinkings like:

Always thinking about resolving any issue.
thinking always to make a stronger bond with your loved ones.
Thinking of giving your best always.
Thinking about your career.
Thinking to plan your future life.

This type of constructive thinking helps us to propagate in our life and make it easier to live in. Our thinking always makes us. We are just a replication of what we think.

Overthinking in a negative way

Our mind is a very complicated organ of our body, it can think, imagine and also assume it real even if that is not exiting. When you think always in a negative way and your thought process continues to make threads of side effects on any incident it creates a cynical effect on your life.

If you are overthinking destructively, you may not even know about this. Managing overthinking and stopping it will become too much difficult when you won't realize the difference between truth and imagination.

When some person has a tendency to overthink in a negative way he/she always thinks about the severe effects of any incident. For example:

If someone has an issue, A normal person will think about its resolution. But a Negatively overthinking mind will think like:
What if it won't get resolved >> If not resolved, Everyone will criticize me >> My life will become hell >> what will I do then, all will leave me.
A thoughtful mind will think and care about His/her loved one to make a stronger bond. But an overthinking mind will think like:
How to make my family happy >> What if I won't able to make them happy >> Will they hate me >> what will they think of me >> What if they won't talk to me
Giving your best is always constructive thinking, But the person who thinks too much will think like:
What if won't finish my job >> How everyone will think about me >>How will my boss react>> What if he gets angry on me >> What if he fires me >> What will I do then.

Overthinking is really injurious to our life not just because we think too much but also because of our thinking process and thinking about its negative effect doesn't help us to initiate anything new in Life.

How will I know if I am thinking too much?
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In most cases, the person is not aware of his thought process. He thinks his thoughts are the only truth. He thinks, imagines, and considers that as real. Overthinking can be bifurcated in part:

Thinking a lot about what happened in past.
Always worrying about future.

When you are acting much aware of yourself and your tendency propagates too much towards thinking about everything. Then it is time to assess yourself. You need to take steps to change your thought process,

Sometimes people think that they are overthinking to prevent some unwanted incidents in their life and if they don't worry about that and reprocess their past than someday they will be encountered with a problem. But research shows that overthinking never solve and problem but generate health issue. For a complete article of research please click here

Here are 15 signs that can help to know if you are an overthinker or not.

If you ask a lot "What if...." question to yourself.
If you repeatedly think about some embarrassing moments of your past.
If your mind never stop overthinking and you didn't get enough sleep.
Thinking a lot about some other meaning of what people say about you.
Always thinking about the conversation, you had with some person.
Always thinking about your mistake,
When someone says to act you don't like and repeatedly playing his words in your mind.
Not aware of things happening around and thinking if they are against you are not.
Spending a lot of time worrying about things on which you don't have any control.
Can't get stop yourself from worrying.
Always thinking about what other people think about you.
Always thinking about your action and never try to do new things.
Never engaging yourself with new people thinking if they will get impressed with you or not.
Always living in your comfort zone, thinking you can't do something new very well.
Always feeling unsafe and having fear of happening something bad.

When you realize that you are overthinker you must act accordingly and stop yourself to think too much about anything. You should make an attitude of "let it go" until you feel well and find yourself separated from overthinking.

How overthinking cause effects on your daily life?
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Thinking about anything in endless sequences is exhausting and makes your mind tired. this also gives a negative effect on your mental as well as physical health. Overthinking a never a good choice to fall into.

We all know having a habitation of thinking negatively causes a problem in your personal life as well as work life. you will be unable to maintain any balance between them.

Here are a few ways overthinking can trouble our life.

Overthinking causes mental sickness and you will feel tired and drowsy every time.
Because of overthinking your balance of hormones gets disturbed which will ultimately affect your health.
When you think too much you are less likely to take action on anything.
Because of overthinking your inside creativity dies and you won't feel doing anything new.
Overthinking causes a drop in your energy level and you will feel weak every time.
Because of this, your sleep will be compromised which results to develop irritation in you.
Overthinking can cause a drop or boost in your hunger.
It can develop an emotion of fear inside you.
You will start to doubt on everybody.
your attempt of action will be replaced with your overthinking and your work and life-related necessary action will be compromised.
How to Stop Overthinking?

Overthinking or thinking is not a real problem. Every great mind thinks too much to create something new and to bring some change. What is being problematic is the wrong thinking or destructive thinking.

Your thoughtful mind is what separates us from other animals. Instead of stopping overthinking you first need to recognize what are you thinking and how much you think. Your thinking can be either of these two types:

Wrong or Destructive thinking.
 Right or Constructive thinking.

Wrong thinking is generally based on assumption, belief, or illusion. which have no existence in reality, and we never thought of fact check on that.

While Right or constructive thinking is based on reality, we know these things and feel its presence. Reality-based thinking makes our mind clear and provides our thought process away.

When you find out your overthinking type and realize it is a destructive one you must need to take necessary steps to stop you from overthinking and divert your mind to some other work.

Here are 15 simple ways you can stop yourself from overthinking.

When you feel worried or stressed, just sit back and think about the situation and how you are going to respond to it, instead of the bad effects of that situation. Your awareness will help to fight you from overthinking because "awareness is the key to live in balance".
Don't think about the consequences. many times overthinking is driven by an emotional feel: fear. When you focus on all those negative effects, you will start worrying. your mind will be paralyzed and you will get visuals of something bad happening with you.
Distraction from overthinking is the most effective way. divert your mind to the happiness and do things like meditation, dancing, drawing which will keep and make you happy.
Put all those worries in perspective. think how much they are going to be important in your future and how they are affecting you now?
Stop waiting for a good time or doing things in a much more perfect wait. Being ambitious is a great thing but aiming for perfection is unrealistic. Waiting for a perfect start is never as smart choice as making progress. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
Change your perspective of thinking. Sometimes your view for something can give you a negative impact, but when you will change your perspective of thinking you will find the same thing not so fearful for you. Always look back to your thinking and re-thinking about your thought process.
Set a boundary for your activity. So, you don't have to worry much about having not any time to complete your tasks.
Give yourself a fixed time to worry and get stress on something. think about those situations and incidents which make you uncomfortable. Write it down and think about what you should do best to tackle those moments.
Give yourself a realization that you don't know about the future neither you can predict. Live and enjoy your moment in present.
Think good about yourself. The feeling that says you are not perfect is often based on fear. Once you realize that you are giving your best, you will feel dedicated and control will be in your hand.
Be grateful for what you have and don't worry about your future. Your future depends on your aspiration, you have to do new things to gift yourself a good one.
Always check the facts of your worries before going deep in overthinking. Overthinking causes bad effects and can give you a series of bad happenings.
You need to realize why overthinking is bad for you and help yourself for thinking about the reality of your life.
Get yourself socialized. Engage yourself in some get-together and meet new people so that you can develop new thinking.
Learn new things and develop some new hobbies to explore new you.

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