Asbestos is a naturally occurring long, thin and very strong fiber. The commercial and legal term referring to a class of different minerals. Asbestos has been extracted and used in many products all over the world, mostly during the 20th century. In many countries, asbestos mining asbestos has stopped after identifying the danger behind it, but some surveys proved that asbestos is still present in older homes and buildings, and also some products still contain it.

Asbestos can be spread in to air from the breakdown or disposal of old asbestos products and also asbestos occurs in the environment, both natural. As the fibers are very minute in size it can be inhaled easily by human and get embedded in the lungs. An asbestosis is a form of distributed interstitial pulmonary fibrosis that is considered separately from other asbestos-related diseases, such as benign pleural effusion and plaques, malignant mesothelioma, and bronchogenic carcinoma.

In many countries, strictly banned all products which contain asbestos fibers or minerals, including roofs, tiles and small products which made up of asbestos by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare since 2005. The exposure to asbestos does occur in the construction site, electrical, plumbing areas, boiler, auto, and maritime industries, especially during the abatement of asbestos materials due to remodeling, repairs, or demolition, according to OSHA. Mechanical workers are also susceptible to asbestos exposure when they brake and clutch repair work. People may also be exposed in their homes or through family members who worked with asbestos.

Each individual might be exposed to asbestos at some time during life. Low levels of asbestos are present in the air, water, and soil, where asbestos has been removed recently. However, most people do not affect by asbestos-related hazards from a small amount of exposure. People who become ill from asbestos are usually those who are exposed to it on a regular basis from the worksite, most often in a job where they work directly with the material or through actual environmental contact.

If asbestos presence identified in your place immediately contact an asbestos removal contractor for the asbestos abatement. Everyone can remove asbestos individually with proper asbestos awareness course. This course will help to handle or remove asbestos without causing dangerous diseases as a result of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Abatement Process mainly contains 3 processes:

Knowing the plan
Handling asbestos waste
Cleanup procedures

There are many types of asbestos training courses. It can be confusing to whom they wanted to take asbestos training. It is better to consult an asbestos training experts who will give you all the advice you will need.

The following people should take asbestos awareness training as a matter of importance if they have not already done so:

Central heating engineers.
Telecoms engineers.
Painters and decorators.
Gas Fitters.

Asbestos training is a legal necessity under the Control Of Asbestos Regulations. This requirement is for the self-employed and employees those who work with asbestos. Asbestos training is required for all levels of organizations which includes directors, managers and other personnel dependent upon their job role.

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Asbestos Awareness Online course has been designed for any individual working in an environment where there is a high risk of encountering asbestos. Under current EU legislation employers must ensure sufficient asbestos awareness training for all staff. Please note that this is an awareness course only and does not prepare you to work with asbestos containing materials.