Some of you may have studied the topic of powerful Universal Laws. These laws are working whether we are aware of them or not much like the law of gravity or electricity.

First we must understand that the universe operates in an orderly manner-with precision so the earth stays rotating in a certain path and does not collide with other planets or our sun which would of course have catastrophic results. We see this also in nature….nature is orderly even when there are storms, typhoons, hurricanes earthquakes, etc, there are predictable patterns.

For us to understand how powerful our thinking is and begin to utilize RIGHT or authentic thinking and order our mind is the most powerful work we can do. Understanding and applying these laws will help us to do that.

The question we want to ask ourselves is what is the nature of our current thinking? Are we ordering our thinking or do we let our thinking order us? For further understanding you can read, Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell.

Holliwell says all problems are mental in nature...he mentioned the quote in the bible “as a man thinketh in his heart so he is”.

We are creators and are always creating something. We can create a life by design or default…either way we get results yet we may not be pleased with the results.

Holliwell expands on this when he reminds us that the Greeks often looked outside at the circumstances and felt it was fate that caused their results while Shakespeare realized the power was within a person. “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.”

The frequency of our dominant thought patterns plus our own beliefs determined our results. If we believe something is a BIG problem we’ll begin to see evidence of this in our world-in fact we’ll also attract people who think the same way and we’ll believe it’s real when our neighbor could be experiencing prosperity.

#1 Premise:

We must understand and begin to believe that the circumstances outside of us are not greater that the power with us... I love this quote, “God and I are a majority”

#2 Premise:

Another premise is that we are gifted with an intellect-no other form of life we known has this power and how we use it (properly or improperly) will determine our results. If we align with the divine idea of who we really are we can heal any adverse condition we are facing whether is be health, financial, relationships, etc.

Holliwell healed his blindness using this concept. The Fillmores’ founders of Unity Church did the same. Myrtle had TB and Charles had a form of paralysis and had one leg 3 inches shorter than the other. Within 18 months his leg grew 3’’ to correct this and Myrtle was cured of TB.

This week, focus on how you have been thinking about a current situation you would like to change. Your power lies within and no circumstance can control you unless you agree with it.

To Your Authentic Power!

Author's Bio: 

Valerie has trained and mentored with some of the top mentors in the field of success and spirituality, (Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli and Bob Proctor)

Valerie believe that it's never too late to be the person you were meant to be. We are born perfect with genius capacities and programmed for mediocrity. Yet it is our birthright to live life with purpose, passion and prosperity.

She personally left a lucrative state job to follow her passion and is growing a successful business. She has mentored and coached 100's of people. Valerie knows what it is like to feel "stuck" in a career that you no longer love and not know what to do next. Because of this experience and how she took a leap of faith, Valerie is uniquely qualified to help others going through similar experiences. Valerie understands firsthand how limiting beliefs can hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

The programs Valerie offers are structured and vision driven and combine positive psychology, the spiritual side of success and well known and proven success principles and give people results.