Before opting for any menstrual product, one needs to understand them thoroughly. Therefore, we have written a blog that basically considers information about the safety and usage of tampons.

Tampons are period products that can be used to absorb menstrual blood. It is a medical device that is supposed to be inserted inside the vagina during the period to manage the menstrual flow. Made out of fine quality cotton, rayon, or safe fibres and found free from unsanitary chemicals, these tampons (with or without an applicator) are usually safe to use.

However, before any tampon reaches the market, it has to go through various tests that check the safety of the tampon for internal use including the potential absorbency of the tampon, safety materials used in applicators and its ability to avoid the growth of firm of bacteria in the intimate area.

More about Tampon safety-

It is recommended to speak to your medical consultant regarding which tampon to choose and how to opt for tampons that will suit your body. Until then, check out the common tips concerning the safety while using tampons during menstruation.

• Follow the instructions properly

Every pack of tampons comes with instructions to be followed while using them. The pack also includes information about the product and everything you need to know about the tampons. So, never skip reading those labelled directions on the package.

• Stay hygienic

Ensure that you’re using a high-quality tampon and washing hands before inserting the tampon. In addition to this, one must ensure that they change the tampon frequently - every four to eight hours, depending on the need.

• Know about Toxic Shock Syndrome

You should never take any unusual symptom during menstruation for granted. TSS involves symptoms like high fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting, dizziness and rashes in the surrounding areas. If you find yourself facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms during the period phase, you should immediately get medical consultation. In case you don’t feel comfortable with a tampon, find that the inserted tampon is causing pain, experience unusual discharge while inserting or have an allergic reaction - don’t use them. Speak to your gynaecologist and ask for a remedy.

• Don’t compromise with the quality

Anything you use to absorb menstrual blood is something sensitive and quite an important factor for health. Therefore, don’t even think about compromising on the quality of the product. Think twice before buying, read the labelled product introduction thoroughly and consult a gynaecologist before using. Ensure you don’t pressurize yourself with the incorrect size or unhealthy quality of the product.


This brief article has considered some of the common tips about the usage of tampons and their safety factors. Reading the directions and product introduction on the label of the package; and washing hands before and after interesting tampons are some of the essential points all of us are supposed to know about. In addition to those points, this blog has also covered the symptoms of TSS and when to consult a gynaecologist. Ready to make a switch to using tampons? Have a look at the above-mentioned tips again.

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