Overweight has acceptably become the major issue regarding the health problems of the people in India as well as on the global ground. Everybody from the nook and corner of the world is facing this physical disorder. Though people think that gaining overweight is an appearance issue but it is significantly the signals of copping with more diseases. So if you are overweight you are likely to develop more heath problems. Overweight can be a reason of many diseases such as heart disorders, diabetes, certain types of cancer, stroke, joint pain, sleep disorder and many other diseases. This can be considered as the chronic conditions.

Excess of foods can be the reason of your weight gain. It replaces once commonplace nutrient deficiencies in the body. These changes can adversely be the major concern for increasing the weight. A person reaches towards the obesity or the overweight by consuming heavy calories from food (energy) than he expends through physical activities. We should know that this irregularity of unbalance of energy is caused by the metabolic and genetic factors as well as behaviors affecting dietary intake and physical activity. Reportedly the most common reasons for extra weight is the consumption of over meals and in lieu not being active. What happens is that foods provide calories and if we eat too much foods it generates extra calories in the body which naturally turns in to fats and stored in the body as a precious fuel reserve. And these fats become the major causes of gaining weight.

The other reasons of your overweight are your sitting idly. Many people sit before TV, computers, video games and involves in the school works. In fact, more than 2 hours a day of regular TV viewing time is the cause of overweight and obesity. We can also add environmental factors for the weight gain too. For instance, lack of sidewalks nearby your residential area and safe places for recreation. Not having area parks, trails, sidewalks, and affordable gyms develops other risks of overweight and also it is hard for people to do physical exercise.

Moreover, overweight is relates to the various disease. To be learnt, hypertension is known as the blood pressure which can be the result of your eight sight problems, heart attack, stroke etc. the overweight cause sleep apnea. It is a condition that a person feels pauses breathing while sleeping. Hormones are supposedly the prominent mediums to increase the risk of cancer. According to the new generals of medicines, the risk of cancer is likely to be accelerated by consisting heavier body mass. An overweight person is likely to carry excess uric acid and the excess of this acid is increasingly the result of joint pain which is medically known as gout. Though, virtually, your being of overweight isn’t broadly the direction of complete memory loss but it can eventually be the prediction of dementia. It is a type of condition in which a person is found to be helpless in organizing the thoughts and decisions.

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